Does Facebook Have Live Chat

Facebook plays a vital role in today’s world and to have issues with the same could be highly troublesome, but the experts and the support team at Facebook are always ready to provide ultimate assistance and support to those who require it.

In this excerpt, we are going to have a look at Does Facebook have a live chat option to get in touch with a live person at Facebook. So stay tuned and follows until the end and you are good to go.

Make use of the tips to access the Live Chat option at Facebook

The live chat option is available at the standard working hours of the U.S. and you could connect with the customer care department at Facebook through Live Chat from Monday to Friday. The live person at Facebook is available to address all your queries and problems that you may have as far as Facebook is concerned.

What are the pros of using the Live Chat option on Facebook?

The benefit of using the Live chat option spreads in a multitude. All the problems that you are facing with Facebook or even Instagram could be solved using the Live Chat option as the Live person is readily available on the Live chat. Not only you get to have your hands on the best advice but at the same time, there are a plethora of changes that you can introduce to your account through the Live chat option. Some of the things that one can do are listed down under:

  • You can easily rename your page using the Live chat option. 
  • You can easily merge your page with another by connecting with someone on Facebook through the Live chat option.
  • If you face problems like your Facebook page is unpublished or is deleted then too you have the option of live chat through which you can seek assistance regarding the same.
  • For hacked accounts, the Live chat option is the best medium that the users may resort to.

Facebook Live Chat is a great tool that comes in handy when the users are met with certain complications and problems that are related to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. The above mentioned are some of the Benefits of Facebook live chat.

The question that now arises is how one can use the Live Chat option in case they would like to have assistance and help from the Live person at Facebook. Well, look no further as we bring to you the steps that you need to take in order to communicate with the support team at Facebook using the Live Chat option.

The first thing that the users need to do is run a few sponsored ads on the page. This will cost you somewhere around $1 or $2.

Once you have run the ads on the page, you will get access to the Facebook live chat link after the passage of 24-48 hours. Below mentioned is the link that the users may resort to in case they would like to establish a connection with the Facebook live person.

The Facebook Live chat support connects you instantly with a Live person at Facebook and then you could discuss all your queries and problems with the Live person to rectify the problems that one is facing as far as Facebook is concerned.

Contact via Helpline Number:

  • Facebook provides various helpline numbers that is approachable 24/7 and toll-free.
  • The customer can dial the customer service number of the Facebook at any time regarding the services which directly connect you to a live executive.
  • When you connect to the Facebook customer care line, firstly an automated voice answers to your call.
  • After that, the voice guide towards speaking to a live agent.
  • Speaking directly to the Facebook customer representative helps in providing the full customer satisfaction to its users.
  • The offered customer assistance is free of cost and is available 24/7 in your service.

Contact through Live Chat support:

  • Facebook Live Support (650-984-9300) is a convenient way to connect to the support team.
  • You will get the live chat box on the Facebook Airlines official web page, which will assist you to communicate directly with a live agent through chat.
  • You just need to send your query in the customer care live chat box of the Facebook Airlines placed on the official webpage and an executive is assigned to you within a second.
  • After that, the assigned Facebook Airlines representative replies to your query you have asked on the chat box.

Contact through Text messages:

  • Facebook also offer customer support services via email support for which they have a separate phone number.
  • In this, you can send your queries about Facebook on that phone number via SMS.
  • In this, you can compose an email to the support team of the Facebook describing your issues in order to get simple and hassle free solutions.
  • You can send your queries or questions to the dedicated text support phone number of Facebook within the available time limit.

After following the above aforementioned ways, one can simply contact a support person of Facebook in a highly-secure manner. If you still have any kind of query or need assistance on How to Contact Facebook Support, then you can directly contact the customer support team for assured and instant assistance. We have a remarkable customer support team which are highly-proficient in their domain and have a lot of technical expertise to resolve the issue in a brief span of time.

How To Add Facebook Live Chat?

Below mentioned is a step by step guide that is surely going to help you with setting up Zotabox on your website to accommodate the questions and queries of the website visitor and to be able to provide answers to the same using the messenger to embed live chat service. 

  • Open an account with Zotabox 

You are required to perform the basic sign-in option. The account opening is a free service with Zotabox. Just select the ‘Sign-in with Facebook’ option and you will be good to go.

  • Set up a welcome message for your Facebook live chat 

For doing so, you are required to visit the ‘Support customer’ option. You will then see another page where Facebook live chat option is available. Click on the Explore Option in front of Facebook. 

Now you will be able to customise the look of your Facebook live chat page through the basic settings tab. Next in line, you are required to set your welcome message and then click on the Auto display welcome message box. 

  • Connect your Facebook page to Zotabox 

Click on the blue Connect Facebook page tab and follow the on-screen steps. Log in to your Facebook account and also choose the Facebook page that you want to connect.

  • Whitelist your domain 

Start by entering your domain name in the ‘whitelist your domain text’ field.

  • Install and activate the Zotabox plugin

The users are required to log in and visit their WordPress dashboard. Select the Plugins option that is present on the left and then select ‘Add new’ from the pop-up menu. You are then required to type Facebook live chat in the search bar on another page. Start the installation.  

  • Set options for your Live chat display

In a nutshell

More revenue can be welcomed using the Zotabox tool that automatically provides and activates the Facebook messenger as a live chat tool for your website. This way you can boost the volume of visitors on your web page and hence can say hello to more and more revenue. Having able to answer your prospects’ questions in real-time are surely going to up your sales game. 

I hope the inclusion of this paper has helped you answer how do I connect to live chat on Facebook.

Contacting with the Facebook Team of Experts:

Facebook has a robust help system for the users. You can try this to get aid from the users and see if this can help you out. To do this, you need to simply log into the desktop version and go to the help centre webpage of Facebook. Then, you will have to click on the big question on the upper-right side and click on the link of Help centre.  You can now choose from the issues you will see on the screen and then you will see a number of suggestions will pop up in the drop-down menu and then you can choose the one that fits the best.

Contacting a Facebook Ad Representative:

To Contact a Facebook Ad support representative, you need to log into your account and then navigate to the ads help centre. You need to use this link and then scroll down and click on the Still need help section. 

There you will have to click on the Chat option. Then, you will have to write down your query in the chat option and the live person will provide you with the best assistance. This is the best option to get the resolution of the minor issues of your Facebook account.

How To Reach Facebook via LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the best social networking to try contacting with the Facebook account. To reach out to Facebook via LinkedIn, you will have to find someone in your network that works at Facebook or was previously working on Facebook.

Log in to your LinkedIn account and search for Facebook on the search bar at the top of the page. It will show you the corporate LinkedIn for Facebook.

Click on this link to get a page displaying all the users who have mentioned Facebook as their current or past experience. 

You can contact these people to see if they can help.

Using the Twitter Account to Contact Facebook and Get Help:

We know that it might sound crazy for most of us but you can reach out to Facebook via Twitter Account. Yes, this is possible. You need to simply open your Twitter account and then go to the Facebook page. You can then seek their help by twitting about the issues you are encountering in your Facebook account.

How To Send Facebook A Letter Via Their Us Postal Mailing Address?

If this is also not working for you, you can get assistance via other options. One such method is sending the letter to Facebook via a US postal mailing address. There are users who don’t know how To Send Facebook a letter via their US postal mailing address. So, we are here to provide you with the best way to do this. All you have to do is to write the issue you are facing in the letter and then send it to the address we are mentioning below.

Facebook, Inc

1601 S. California Ave

Palo Alto, CA 94304

Now that you are clear with the address of the Facebook office, you can definitely send your letter. Talking about the executives of the Facebook customer support team, they are calm and patient and will listen to all the issues you will tell them. You can now get their help anytime as they are available all the time. With their all-time availability, you can get their help anytime.

How Do You Get In Touch With Facebook To Report A Problem?

Facebook plays a vital role in today’s world. Many users use this social platform. Facebook allows its users to share posts, videos and pictures with their family and friends. The services offered by Facebook are the finest, but some users have reported issues while using the application. To help out users in such situations, Facebook provided various ways to report a problem and talk to the live representative. Users can go to the help option available at their account and report a problem by adding their situation details and sending them to the representative. They will review your problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.


  • Resolving Facebook login issues.
  • Assistance for recovering Facebook account.
  • Changing general and security settings.
  • Account hacked, and another person uses information.
  • The problem in creating a group and business page.
  • Many more issues can be reported on the Facebook support page.

How Do I Email Facebook About A Problem? 

Users can also compose a mail related to their problem and send it to the official mail id of Facebook. Users have to follow the basic steps to send an email:

  • Go to the Facebook email option and open the email message you would like to send to Facebook.
  • Tap on the forward option to forward the email.
  • Now enter your username in the email address and your Facebook email id with your phone number.
  • You have to click on the Send button to send your email to a Facebook representative.
  • A Facebook live person will review your email request and revert you in some time.


How Can I Live Chat With Facebook Support?

Live chat is the easiest and more convenient way to talk to a live person on Facebook. Live chat is available only for the business page. Users can follow the below steps to get the live chat:

  • Go to the business page or account and promote 2-3 relevant ads.
  • After promoting, you will get live chat access.
  • Go to the settings of your business account and tap on the help and support option. You will get the live chat option.
  • Enter your problem or select from the given options, you will receive the instant answer to the question.

How Do I Complain To Facebook Directly?

Directly get in touch with Facebook is the easiest way to solve the problems. Firstly the user needs to go to the official support page of Facebook and tap on the phone option to get the number. Dial the phone number and follow the below IVR options:

  • Press 1 for language
  • Press 2 for business development and advertising.
  • Press 3 for marketing-related issues.
  • Press 4 for editorial or press issues.
  • Press 5 for employee verification
  • Press 7 to speak to the person about an issue related to the Facebook account.
  • Press # to speak to the representative for any other issues.


(650) 308-7300
United States

+6 128 234 7020

+1 647 426 6051


+3 531 553 0588

+44 203 386 6000
United Kingdom

Your call will be connected in few minutes. Talk to the representative and tell them your entire problem, they will assist you properly.

FAQs Related To Facebook Customer Service Chat

Q1: How Can I Connect With Facebook Customer Support?

Facebook is one of the widely used social platforms. It has more than 1 billion users and having such a user base is possible just because of providing the best customer support. If you are facing any technical issues while operating Facebook then Facebook have live chat option.

With this, you can connect directly to the support team and get quick support. There are no restrictions, you can share the issues related to the technical or creating account. You can get this support directly from the official page of Facebook.

Q2: Do I Contact A Live Chat Person For Restoring My Account?

Yes, you can connect with the live person for restoring the account. Though, restoring process may be a bit different. Here you have to share some details of the account or have to prove that the account belongs to you. 

With the live chat option, you can share the details, like login Id and last remember password. It may take some to review the details you have provided. But, no doubt with Facebook lives chat support you can get instant solutions and gain access to your account again. 

Q3: When Can I Get The Live Chat Support From Facebook?

Facebook has a large user base and having issues with the technical product is common. Solve each query and meeting the customer’s demand is not easy. But, the Facebook customer service chat option is available throughout the day. 

You can access this service irrespective of time. It is 24 hours available support. You can text them at any moment of the day and get prompt solutions. Though you have to drop the message first, and within a second you will get the reply. For this, you might have to provide information like email ID and name and number connected to the account. 

Q4: Can I Connect With The Customer Services Team For Reviewing My Account?

Facebook takes at least 24hours to 48 hours to review the account. Though, for some technical glitch, the account fails to review. To operate the account, reviewing is the major part. If you are facing a similar problem, then you can freely connect with the live person.

With Facebook support chat you can connect with the live person through text messages. You can easily connect with the support team and know about the steps to review it.

Q5: Is There A Person Behind The Facebook Support Chat System?

Facebook provides quick support and assists its users in every manner. Even, Facebook is known for its real time support. Though, these days employing technology and artificial intelligence turns to a vital part. Solving such a large number of queries is not possible with only human support.

But, Facebook provides real person aid with Facebook customer service chat. You can get prompt services. Though support may change and depend on the seriousness of the queries. 

Q6: How Do I Share Feedback With Facebook?

Feedback plays an imperative role for the company. If you want to share feedback regarding Facebook, then you can do this with Facebook live chat option. Apart from this, you can fill an online form but for quick feedback, you can share directly through chat. You can get this option directly on the website and even you can send them a quick message.

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