How To Fix Gmail Sign Out Button not Working in Chrome

A Quick Guide On Fixing Lost Sign Out Button In Gmail

Lost sign out button in Gmail may sound unusual but unfortunately it is pretty common. Well, there is no need to tell you about the important of this button. It is one of the most important component of any email account especially Gmail account. It saves you from losing your data to anybody else. Gmail users can find this important button on the top right section of their mail window.

Now the problem is that when users move to their sign out button then they find it missing. However, this happens occasionally and lasts for short phase of time. We usually sign into our Gmail account via using our smart phones and other personal device. But there are times when we might have to access our accounts on the public computers.

Now, what if we find this sign out button missing? Well, there are couple of ways through which you can resolve such issue in such situations. Another thing is that Chrome is the most preferred web browser nowadays. People usually browse their stuff on Chrome due to its user friendliness and other distinguished features. So, if your Gmail sign out button not working in chrome then read this article to know how to fix this issue.

Missing Gmail Sign Out Button: Solutions

Solution 1: Try Using Incognito Mode In Chrome

Launch Google Chrome and scroll to the “3-Vertical Dots” on the top right section.

Click on it and then select “New Incognito Window” to launch incognito mode

Additionally, you can also use the shortcut keys i.e. “Ctrl+Shift+N” to open incognito methods.

Now open Gmail sign in page

Enter your username or email address and its password

Click on the sign in button and then see if the sign out button works

Solution 2: Try Disabling Labs Features In Your Gmail Account

Open incognito mode in your Google chrome

Navigate to the Gmail sign in page

Enter your Gmail username or address and its password

Click on the sign in button to access your account

Now, scroll to the settings gear button and click on it

Select Labs tab from the header section and then you should be able to see all the Lab features inside it.

Now, click on the circular button to disable all the features.

Once you have disabled all the Lab features, then the sign out button should be visible now.

Hence, you’ll able to resolve missing sign out button in your Gmail account. However, you must keep in mind that this issue is temporary. Additionally, If you still face such problem then you can try signing into your Gmail account on some other browser but make sure that the browser is updated to its latest version. Hence, it was all about how to fix lost sign out button in Gmail.

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