Why Is The Facebook App So Slow On iPhone

How Do I Speed Up Facebook On My iPhone

Facebook is a well-known platform that connects millions of users to one app. It helps to share photos, videos, and one hat with another to get bound. Due to their fast access to the user, some face issues in using Facebook on their iPhone. When Facebook is not working on iPhone, you will first quit the app and reopen it to solve the problem, but sometimes doing this doesn’t satisfy your issue. Therefore, users may ask why is the Facebook app so slow on iPhone as the reasons may be anything, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Background app needs to refresh so that other apps able to start.
  • Auto-playing videos to outdated or corrupted facebook cache.
  • Some virus enters your iPhone and needs antivirus to get rid of this problem.
  • Your iPhone settings may get changed.
  • Any other reasons thereto.

Fix issues with the Facebook App on iPhone: 

If you are having issues with the Facebook app on your iPhone, you can follow the below steps to solve your problem of how to fix the Facebook app so slow on iPhone, as it is not running correctly. By doing the below steps, you can up your Facebook loading speed:

Restart iPhone: 

Turn off all the applications in your device from the notifications and shut down your iPhone. Wait for 30 seconds and restart your iPhone again. You can see your Facebook is starting to work normally.

Install all the iPhone updates:

  • A slow running problem can be due to the latest update not install on iPhone. 
  • Therefore open the general settings of your iPhone and click on software update.
  • If the software update is available, then download and install the software.

Turn off auto-play videos on Facebook:

  • Open the Facebook app and go to the three-line menu given at the top right of the page.
  • Now click on the privacy settings and go to the media and contacts section.
  • Tap on the videos and photos option and click on the never autoplay videos option.
  • Refresh the page, and this will never play videos automatically on your Facebook.

Clear facebook cache:

  • To improve the speed of Facebook, it is important to refresh the Facebook cache.
  • You need to open the settings of Facebook and go to media and contacts.
  • At there, open the browser option and select the clear button to clear the Facebook cache.

Prevent Facebook to track your location:

  • open the privacy settings of Facebook,
  • go to location services and click to never.
  • Reset network settings:
  • Go to general settings of your iPhone
  • At the reset option, open the reset network settings.
  • Enter your lock screen password and confirm the reset network settings.

Reinstall the Facebook:

  • The problem could be due to Facebook app installation, and you need to reinstall it.
  • Hold the Facebook app and select the remove app option.
  • Now go to the app store and install the Facebook app again.
  • After installation, you need to log in to your Facebook id and start performing.

Request desktop version of Facebook:

  • Open the official website of Facebook in your browser and go to the AA icon on the page.
  • Click the request desktop website at the bottom of the page.
  • This will redirect you to the desktop version of Facebook and start using it.

If the above ways don’t satisfy your Facebook app running slow on iPhone, you can contact the Facebook customer support by call, email and Facebook online chat support. This contact option is available on the official page of Facebook at the help and contact option. Live representatives are 24 hours open to helo their users at any time. Business accounts can also get assistance from the Facebook representative. 

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