How Can I Transfer WhatsApp Data from the Local Backup?

Transferring local Backup for WhatsApp data is quite smoothly done if you access the online steps with the help of WhatsApp services. Suppose that you have switched to another device, and then users can restore data to the new device while using the same operating system. To complete the task, you must have an excellent connection to internet services and sufficient storage space for the new device.

What is WhatsApp Restoring a Local Backup?

WhatsApp takes the local backup of the chats of the users. This data usually gets stored in the internal memory of your smartphone. The backup gets stored in the form of an encrypted file. Users can save data for the last 7 days. After your backup is saved, you can restore it on the same mobile or another device. Local backup files are created every day at night when users are not frequently using the application. Users can restore the files from the “sd card” folder of their WhatsApp. Apart from local storage, users can also save their data on Google Drive or iCloud according to their respective devices.

Where is WhatsApp Local Backup Saved?

The local backup of your WhatsApp chat gets stored in the internal storage of your mobile phone. If you wish to find the files of your chat backup, then you must follow the instructions provided below sequentially:

  • Begin the procedure by visiting the “File Manager” folder of your mobile.
  • Select the option of “WhatsApp” from the list of applications.
  • Now you must go to the storage section of your mobile.
  • Select the option of “All files.”
  • Select the WhatsApp directory and tap on the database folder.
  • Now here you will get all the stored backups of your WhatsApp chats.

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Easy Steps: How To Transfer WhatsApp Data from Local Backup?

  • First, you have to open WhatsApp on your old device
  • Then, go to more options and then enter in settings; after this, chat Backup
  • Now, you have to choose the Google account in which you want to Back up your data 
  • Tap on the Backup icon
  • Once the Backup is complete, remove WhatsApp from your device and then install it on your new device.
  • Next, you have to ensure that your new device is linked to your Google account 
  • Install and open WhatsApp and, with a few basic steps, verify the phone number 
  • Now, tap the restore button to restore saved data from your Google account 
  • In the end, WhatsApp now starts retrieving your data from your saved Google account.

Why is WhatsApp Cannot Restore from Local Backup?

There are many reasons associated with the issue of WhatsApp not storing backups from your local storage. Some of the commonest reasons are described below:

  • If you do not have a proper internet connection: Use WIFI-connection or a stable internet connection to restore your data. 
  • If your mobile device does not have sufficient mobile storage: Make sure your device has sufficient space to save your backup file. Also, your device must be properly charged.
  • If you are still using an outdated version of WhatsApp: Update your WhatsApp version to restore your chat backup. 
  • Use the same device: Sometimes, when you are not using the same phone you used to take a backup, then you might face issues restoring your chats.
  • Don’t change the operating systems of your device: If you switch from one operating system to another, especially from android to IOS or vice-versa, you will not be able to restore chat from local backup. 
  • If the backup file is corrupted or deleted from your device.

If your reason is not from the above-mentioned, you must try restoring your WhatsApp chat from local storage by shutting and restarting your mobile phones.

Can We Restore WhatsApp Chat from Local Backup?

If any person wishes to restore chat from WhatsApp's local backup and he is searching whether WhatsApp restoring a local backup is possible or not, then yes, it is possible to restore your chat from a local backup provided your file is not corrupted and still stored on your device. If you switched to another device also, then you can restore your data to the new device if you are using the same operating system. To get back your chat data, you must ensure you have good internet connectivity and sufficient storage space on your device. 

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How to Fix WhatsApp Not Detecting Local Backup?

The quickest and smoothest way through which users can quickly fix WhatsApp for not detecting local Backup can be made if you task-in with re-backup WhatsApp data to the local drive. In addition, you have to also prepare enough local storage space to store the data you want to restore.

How To Restore WhatsApp from Local Backup Crypt14?

Suppose you want to restore WhatsApp local backup with the help of a .crypt14 file; if you haven’t backed up data with Google Drive, then just follow the mentioned below steps for reference.

  • First, you must install WhatsApp and sign in with your phone number. 
  • Move to settings>chats>chat Backup and select the Google Drive option to Backup. 
  • Turn off mobile data and Wi-Fi services.
  • Then, hit the backup button. 
  • As soon as Backup reflects onscreen for uploading to Google Drive, instantly switch to Airplane mode 
  • Return back to the home screen. 
  • Ahead, you have to use the file explorer application and then copy the .crypt14 file (database file) and paste it with an onscreen link and rename all the files.
  • You now switch on Wi-Fi or mobile data. Immediately, WhatsApp will start uploading your old local database file to Google Drive. 
  • At last, once the restoration is complete, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Then sign in and recover your data from the local Backup.

How Can I Restore WhatsApp Backup from Internal Storage without Google Drive?

There are some significant instances when users want to get Backup done from internal storage instead of Google Drive, so you have a simple and easy set of steps to follow and get immediate guidance.

  • Initially, you have to first download a file manager application on your device 
  • Under the file manage the app, head to local storage sd-card WhatsApp databases
  • Further to this, install and open WhatsApp and verify your number 
  • Then, tap over restore once the icon prompts on the page to restore your chats and media from the local Backup.

How Do I Force WhatsApp to Restore from a Local Backup?

If you are using WhatsApp on another phone and you wish to restore your chat history from Local backup, then you are required to follow the following steps:

  • Initialize the process by downloading file management applications for your device.
  • After you launch the application, navigate to the mobile local storage or choose the path as follows: sdcard/WhatsApp/Database.
  • Sometimes your data gets stored in the “internal storage” of your device, so you will come across the “main storage” option. 
  • Select the option and copy the most recent WhatsApp backup file to the database folder of your other phone.
  • Finally, open WhatsApp after installing it and verify your number.
  • You will be displayed an option to restore your chats. Click on “Restore chats and media from the local backup.”

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