How to Recover Deleted Messages from WhatsApp

WhatsApp becomes the most used cross-platform as compare to others. It makes life easy and helps the person to communicate with each other most securely. However, sometimes user deletes the chats or messages that contain important information.

Mainly it occurs when one switches from one to another phone. Though, there could be multiple reasons, how to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp? You must be searching for the answer. It is easy to restore the deleted messages, follow the below-mentioned write-up, and know about the methods. 

Methods of Recovering WhatsApp Messages

There are two methods of recovering; we have discussed both of them below. 

1. Chat Back Up Option

It is the most commonly used option to get the messages. 

  • Make sure the chat back up option is ON. It makes the process of restoring easy. WhatsApp backs up our data early morning around 2 AM. Though you may alter the timing or stop this application to store messages
  • For back up, it is imperative to let the app store data. If your back up option is not ON, then you might not recover the messages with this method
  • Uninstall the application, and it is an important part. Once you uninstall it, open the store
  • Here, you can again search for WhatsApp, and install it
  • Provide the information, like phone number and name. Move to the next slide and confirm that it is your number
  • You will receive a one-time password. When the process of the installation complete, then you can see the option of chat back up history
  • Here, click on it, and it will take a few minutes to create back up. Now, all the message from last month and year will appear and you can read them
  • Make sure that you turn on the internet. It will help the system to create the back up easily. If there is any interruption during the backup, then you might lose some data or messages

Now, it is the first method or answer of how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages.  It might happen that you did not let WhatsApp store the messages. Still, you can follow another method of recovery. 

2. Restore The Messages Form The Cloud System

WhatsApp lets the clouds save messages automatically every day. With time and to overcome restoring problem, the company let the user download messages from the cloud or any other back up application.

  • First, uninstall the application
  • Download the WhatsApp again from the store
  • It may take a few minutes. You can see the popup on your screen and click on the next option
  • Provide the information, like name and registered number. Make sure you use the same number in which you have to restore messages
  • It may take another few minutes and will receive the new code. You will get the six-digit code through text messages. WhatsApp will automatically consider the code and lead you to the next page
  • Here, you can see the different timing of messages back up. It should be like “from last one month” “from last year” and so on
  • Select the one that seems suitable to you. And click on the next step. It will include all the media, files, and messages
  • Now, you can see two different option for back up

Cloud Backup: It is a backup process where you can save countless messages and files. You can install separate applications for this. To create this, you might have to provide the number and registered number. You can use the email id too for account creation. 

Local Backup: It is an automatically backed up system which is introduced by WhatsApp. In this, the process of saving messages is automatically processed.

  • Now, you have to click on the cloud backup option. If you have an account and you turn on the backup option of the application, then the process of restoring will start
  • It may take time, and make sure you chose the correct time. If you choose any wrong timing, then you might lose the data permanently
  • Though, you might have to cross the two-step verification. It is just a wall that makes WhatsApp more secure

If you don’t have the backup option, or creating a new account, then you might lose the messages and will fail to recover them. So, during the installation, you have to ensure that you select the back-up option.

It might happen that you mistakenly skip the restoring option. In such a case, you can again uninstall the application and run the same process. If this time, it shows an option of back up, then go further and let the system retrieve messages.

These are the two methods that show how to recover older deleted WhatsApp chats on Android or any other device. Follow any one of them, and direct the mentioned steps. Do not skip any slide. For more information, you can reach out the customer support.


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