Facebook Video Chat not Working

Measures To Fix Facebook Video Chat not Working

Facebook Messenger is an application on its own and works as a sole application for providing services in terms of voice calling, video calling, and texting. You can find a standalone application of Facebook Messenger, no matter what device you use, you can install the application from the Google Play Store if you use an android, and if you are an IOS user, then you can find it on the apple application store as well. 

Facebook Messenger was earlier introduced only as a texting medium that allows Facebook users to chat with their friends online by just tapping on the encircled photo of the profile photo the users have. It allowed the Facebook users to do multi-tasking by swapping two different windows and enjoy the services provided by Facebook messenger on top of any other application without a lag. Facebook Messenger is now among the most used applications and has excelled in providing a free platform where users can enjoy the services of sending text messages, sharing photos, and many more. But what if in a situation like this, you face a problem of Facebook video chat not working, in that case, follow the steps mentioned below to know the loopholes inside out in a hassle-free manner;

Video Call Feature not Working 

If your Video call feature is not working with Facebook messenger, then follow the below-listed steps;

Force Quit- If your video call is not working, then it simply means that your phone is at fault and there’s something wrong either with the hardware or the software of the device you are using. You can resolve the problem by force quitting the application in which you face this query;

  • Visit the setting section of your mobile phone or device.
  • Now, locate and tap on the ‘Application Manager option.
  • Go to the Facebook Messenger application.
  • Now tap on the option of ‘Force Stop’ or ‘Force Quit.’
  • It will close all the services running for that particular application in the background, and you can open it again.

Clear Cache and Data- If you keep on getting the notification of video call not working with Facebook messenger, then follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Go to the application manager section of your Smartphone or device.
  • Now, tap on the Facebook messenger application from the list of applications you have in the menu.
  • The sub-menu for Facebook messenger will open.
  • Tap on the option of ‘Clear Cache and Data’ to delete all unnecessary files being saved by the particular application.

Thus, the query of Why is my video call not working with Facebook messenger can be resolved by following the steps mentioned above. 

Facebook Messenger Video Call not Working

Well, if you have a completely fine working mobile phone with a perfect camera and microphone, but it doesn’t work only when you are using the application of Facebook messenger, the situation can be very irritating and can lead to a problematic ending, well not to worry as the steps listed below will help you to get rid of this problem in quite a trendy way;

Check for any additional devices- If you are connected with an additional device, and you are wondering why aren’t you getting any sound or picture on your video call, then you’ll have to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the settings folder of your device.
  • Now locate and browse the additional devices section.
  • If you have any additional devices connected which are overriding the camera or microphone of your device, then remove it and try to use the feature of video calling after that.

Website Permissions- If you are using the application on any of your websites, then;

  • Go to the settings section of your website.
  • Locate and click on the section of ‘Permissions.’
  • Now grant the permission of camera and microphone to the Facebook messenger application so that the video call works completely.

System Permissions- If it is still not working after granting the permissions to the website, then try to change the window permissions or the operating system permissions;

  • Go to the settings application on your Desktop PC or Laptop.
  • Now, scroll down till you find the option of ‘Storage and Permissions.’
  • Allow the camera and the microphone of the system to be used by the browser of your choice.
  • Now click on the option of ‘Save changes' and continue.

Therefore, by following the additional steps mentioned above, one can quickly find a resolution to the query of How do I fix my video call on Facebook Messenger and can continue with the video calling service provided by the team of Facebook messenger.

How Do I Enable Video Calling on Facebook?

To make a video call to one of your friends in the list and you need to enable the video calling on Facebook, then go through the steps listed below to get a crystal clear understanding for the same in a hassle-free manner;

  • Log in to your Facebook account with the help of any trusted browser.
  • Once you get into your account, locate and click on the option of ‘Active Status’ on the right-most section of the page.
  • Once you do, it will showcase the active friends on your list who are online at that particular point in time.
  • Click on their profile icon, and a menu will appear.
  • Now click on the video call icon to enable video calling with the person.
  • A full-screen window will be displayed, and it will ask you to grant the permissions of your camera and microphone.
  • Grant the permission and start video calling with your contacts.

Henceforth, if you follow the points mentioned above, you can get the answer to the question of How do I enable video calling on Facebook and can enjoy the benefits provided by the team of Facebook and do video calling with your added friends in your contacts list.

Facebook Video Chat Limit

Well, to be precise, Facebook allows 50 people to join in on the video calling feature of Facebook Video Chat and Facebook Messenger video calling. All 50 people will be provided with access to the camera and the microphone as the audio and video will be displayed according to the person speaking at that particular point in time. Fortunately, there’s no time limit to the call, all you need to have is just a Facebook account and a perfectly good internet connection, and you can stay on the video call as long as you don’t cut the call or as long as the dominant caller doesn’t end the meeting.

Thereafter, the query you had for Is there a limit on Facebook video chat can be sorted out by going through the points mentioned above, and one can know the easy loopholes when it comes to the Facebook video chat feature and can enjoy all the services provided by Facebook and by Facebook messenger individually for your own purposes.

Facebook Video Call Not Working On PC

Facebook has become a daily part and parcel of our life, and we love to stay connected to our near and dear ones. Facebook also provides a video call platform to connect with our loved ones. If you are facing any issue with the video call option of Facebook, don't worry; we got your back.

Facebook Video Call Not Connecting

In case your Facebook video call is not connecting, you should first check your mobile network or service provider network if it is stable or not. A significant issue could be your weak network. In case your mobile network is stable, you can then follow the following procedure. In case you are using pc then go to the settings section of your pc. Then go to the camera to make sure that camera permission is turned on. Permission from your end has to be given if you want to connect over the Facebook application on pc.

Facebook Video Call Not Working On PC

If the Facebook video calling feature is not working on your pc, an excellent orthodox method is to reboot or restart your computer. A quick reboot will end your problem and will restore your video calling feature of Facebook. Try using another browser and use the video call feature; it may work in another browser apart from your current one. It is recommended that instead of using the browser, you can also use the Facebook messenger application version of pc. The dedicated app could be a solution to your issue.

Facebook Video Call No Sound PC

If you have connected multiple devices and microphones, go to the setting section of your pc and make sure that the right microphone and camera are connected. There may be a case of device conflict, which you should check. The last savior of yours could be changing your registered settings.

  • To do so, tap windows Key+R, and a run window will pop up.
  • Type in Regedit and click enter.
  • Under the directory, right-click in the right side pane and click on DWORD value.
  • Set the name to enable server mode and tap enter. Change the value to 0 and restart your system, and hopefully, you resolve your issue now.

If you have an audio or sound issue with your Facebook video calling app, make sure microphone settings are turned on or permission is given. Also, make sure that you have not mistakenly turned off or muted your mike.

Facebook Video Call not Working Chrome

If your Facebook video call is not working on your chrome, chrome may turn off the audio and video access by default. On the top right after the address bar, you can switch on the camera and microphone settings. In case nothing works, try rebooting your device. Also, instead of using the microphone, try using earphones to solve your audio issue. If your video is not working, and others on your video conference cannot see, you could, as mentioned earlier, give access and permission of the camera to Facebook. Switching on the camera will resolve your issue.

So you can use the information above to solve your Facebook video call issue. If you have any issues throughout the process, you can speak to the Facebook customer representative anytime.

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