Why Am I Not Receiving My SMS Code from Facebook

Facebook never compromises when it comes to keeping the data safe of a user. This is the reason it offers you to keep your data safe in many ways. Facebook gives you the option to set up a password and other features. Also, when you reset your password at that time, you get a code to make the changes.

What Should You Do When You Can't Receive the Confirmation Code of Facebook?

Besides, there are times when you see Facebook Two-Factor Verification Code not received issue. In that case, the customer service team provides you complete support to get the job done. Yet here is some information that might help you, go through it.

When You Don't Receive Facebook Confirmation Code on Email

  • You need to check whether or not you use an incorrect email address. This can be a reason for not receiving the confirmation code from Facebook. Thus enter the email address making sure that you enter the correct email address.
  • Also, it may be the case the email containing the Facebook confirmation code has landed in another folder. You can check the spam or junk-mail section to find the confirmation code. Perhaps, checking the social media category of email can help you to find the confirmation code.
  • Besides, if you still wonder Facebook Confirmation code not received, you should try to get it using the phone number.

When You Don't Receive Facebook Confirmation Code via Phone Number

  • There might be the case that you have entered the wrong phone number to receive the code. In such a case, you can't receive the code and use your Facebook account.
  • You should recheck the phone number on which you want to receive the confirmation code and then, click the Resend Code option. In this way, you get the code via text message.
  • In case you don't get the confirmation code through text message, you can use the option "Via Phone Call" instead of using "Via Text". Consequently, you receive the confirmation code on a phone call.
  • Further, you can choose the email address to get rid of the issue of the Facebook Reset Password Code not received. Or else, contact Facebook tech support.

Recover Your Facebook Account Using Security Questions When Facebook Reset Password Code Is Not Received

  • To begin with, you should select the Forgotten Password option.
  • After that, you need to enter the username or phone number to find your Facebook account.
  • Further, you need to choose the Security Questions option by skipping all the other ways to recover your Facebook account.
  • In this way, you should select the "I'll answer my all questions" option.
  • Moving forward, you see the questions that you have set while creating the Facebook account. Answer all the questions correctly without missing any and then, you can recover your Facebook account.

How Can I Get Sms Code From Facebook

Did you forget your password again? No worries, we will help you login back in again and tell you the necessary details for what to do in case you wanted to recover your account.

Facebook is a world-renowned social platform. In fact, arguably it is the largest of them all. They have measures if you forgot your login details then it has a Help Center to answer your queries such as how can I get SMS code from Facebook to login back. If you like you can check their Help Center out as well.

If you can’t log in then you can try to get an SMS from Facebook containing a code on your phone. It is a simple process and it involves the following steps:

  • Go to your Fb login page
  • Tap on forgotten password
  • Enter your mobile number or
  • Enter your alternative Email id
  • Fb will search for your account and display the account associated with your account
  • Tap on the account which is yours
  • Depending upon your selection of phone or email a code or a link will pop up
  • Feed Fb the code or click the link
  • Lo you are back in your account
  • Next you will need to change your password with a new one

After changing your password you can use your Facebook account in a normal fashion. However, if you lo gin to your account from a different device you will be required to authenticate yourself again. So, remember your password if you need to login from a different device.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication

If you are wondering how can you turn on two-factor authentication on Facebook or if you want to know what is it then let us tell you it in detail. Two-factor authentication allows you to log in to Facebook account in case you forgot your password. The steps in the previous section are possible because of this security feature only.

How Can You Turn On Two-Factor Authentication On Facebook

 If you have changed your phone number recently then you can update it inside Facebook. Otherwise, you may be stuck out when you need to login from a new device. You won’t need it if you remember your password, however, you need in case you forget it and then this feature will help you to login back into your account. To turn it on or manage it do the following:

  • Visit security and login settings
  • Scroll down to two-factor authentication and enable it or edit it if already enabled
  • Add your email or phone number to it

That is how you can turn two-factor authentication on Facebook.

Get Facebook Reset Code through Trusted Contacts

Now you can recover your account from a friend’s or family’s account. If you are stuck and out of options then try the following:

  • Click the three dots undercover photo
  • Select Find Support or Report Profile
  • Then choose Something Else and then you can click Next
  • Click Recover this Account and then follow the steps

You can reset your password from here. They call it trusted contacts. You can get Facebook code using trusted contacts.

Hope we could resolve your issue. Your feedback is important for us and we request you to provide one.

With this all information, you will no longer wonder why am I not receiving my SMS code from Facebook. Also, you can reset your Facebook account password without much of a stretch. Meanwhile, if you face any kind of trouble while doing the above instructions, you can connect with the support team anytime on a single phone call. So, Connect with Facebook online chat support and get immediate assistance.

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