What happens if a tracked Royal Mail parcel goes missing

Royal Mail is a postal service company based in the United Kingdom. They provide postal services all around the world. In case your Royal Mail parcel goes missing, and you are worried about what to do now, below you will find some answers related to your missing Royal Mail parcel queries. 

Who is responsible if a Royal Mail parcel goes missing

The seller is responsible if your Royal mail parcel goes missing. The seller takes all the responsibility when a customer orders a parcel from them. The seller must take into consideration finding the parcel or reimbursing the customer. 

How do I contact Royal Mail about a missing parcel

If you like to speak with a person from Royal Mail about a missing parcel, below are the contact options:

Phone Call

You can call the customer service of Royal Mail and connect with one of the executives regarding your missing parcel. Keep the parcel number and other important details before contacting customer service. Use the contact number 03457-740-740. The available assistance time is as follows:

  • Monday to Friday from 7 am to 8 pm
  • Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm

Live Chat

You can also get virtual assistance from the Royal Mail executive on Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. The live chat is available on their website, which you can use with the provided steps:

  • Sign up on the Royal Mail official site,
  • Extend the Help options on the homepage,
  • Then select the "Contact Royal Mail" option,
  • Choose the Live Chat button for virtual assistance,
  • Converse with the executive about your missing parcel. 

How long before a Royal Mail parcel is considered lost

The Royal Mail parcel is considered lost after 20 to 25 working days from the delivery due date. If you have not received your parcel even after 25 days from the due date, you can submit a loss claim at Royal Mail for reimbursement.  

Steps for Submitting a Lost Parcel Claim at Royal Mail:

  • Go to the Royal Mail official website,
  • Go to the Personal Help page,
  • Select the "Complaints and Claims" box,
  • Navigate the "Complaint Webform" on the page,
  • Fill the form carefully with all the true details,
  • Attach the scanned bill of the lost parcel,
  • Then submit the lost claim at Royal Mail.

Royal Mail's compensation policy for a lost parcel

Below is the compensation policy for the lost parcel at Royal Mail:

  • Customers must send the lost claim to Royal Mail within 80 days of posting the parcel.
  • Royal Mail will no longer be responsible for the lost parcel after 80 days of posting.
  • A customer can ask for compensation only after 20 days of the delivery due date if the posting is in Europe. And for the rest of the country, the compensation request time is after 25 days.
  • The recipient, as well as the sender, can file compensation for the lost parcel.
  • The compensation claim will be processed within 30 working days after the claim approval. 
  • A refund will be provided, which will include the lost item's monetary value, shipping charges, and the amount paid at the Royal Mail. 

Hence, above is the required information you should know if your Royal Mail parcel goes missing.

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