What do I do if my AT&T Account is Locked?

An AT&T account can manage your wireless, Internet, phone, DIRECTV, and U-Verse Tv accounts from your tablets or smartphones. It helps you easily secure your personal data. You can create an AT&T account using your Email and a password. The AT&T account gets locked if you enter the wrong password too many times; violate the terms and conditions of AT&T, or, in the worst case, if your account is hacked. You need not worry, as you can unlock the account in several ways.

How Do I Unlock my AT&T Email Account:-

Sometimes your Email gets locked at AT&T for some reason, and you can unlock it in a few ways mentioned below:


You can unlock your Email account using your Recovery Email address in the way given below.

  • Open the AT&T website www.att.com
  • Go to My AT&T at the top right corner and Go to My account.
  • You must sign in using your User Id and click the Forgot password link.
  • Enter your alternate Email and last name to get the password reset link.
  • Reset your password using the link in your alternate Email and sign in to your AT&T account using the newly created password.


You can unlock your Email account with the help of the Security questions which you saved at the time of Email account creation. Reset your old password answering the security questions to the best of your knowledge.


You can use your phone number to reset your password, as you will receive an OTP to confirm your identity, and after confirming it, you will get the password reset link. You can reset the password and log in using the new password.

How Do I Get my AT&T Email Unlocked?

Sometimes the user faces the problem of a locked Email for reasons like entering the wrong password many times or violating the AT&T Terms and conditions. You can unlock your Email by using methods like recovery email address, answering the security questions, and using the phone number to get the reset link. You can quickly get access again to your Email using the methods.

How Long are you Locked Out on ATT Email?

If you have got the message that your Email is locked and you cannot access your email account. It may be because you entered the wrong password too many times or breached the Security rules of ATT. Your Email may be locked for 60 minutes. You can use the methods below for your help:

  • Wait for an hour and try again to access your account
  • Reset your old password on the website.
  • Create a strong password using alphabets and numerals.
  • You can access your account and extra safety through a two-step verification process.

Why Does my ATT Email Keep Locking Me Out?

If your ATT Email keeps locking you out from time to time, it may be due to the safety of your account or a problem with your web browser. You can try the methods below for your help:

  • Clear cache and cookies.
  • Update your browser- many features are not compatible with the old version of the browser.
  • Check by signing in to your account using another browser.
  • Disable browser tools or add-ons as it depends on your device and browser.
  • Disable your firewall varies by your device and browser.

What Do You Do When your AT&T Email is Hacked?

Suppose your AT&T Email gets hacked; you can straightaway reset your password by visiting the official website of ATT and clicking the Forgot password option. Fill out the password Info and choose security questions and follow the prompts. Reset your password, and now your account is safe.

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