SBCGLOBALEmail Settings for Outlook

Email Settings of Sbcglobal To Outlook

Sbcglobal is one of the prestigious email platforms used by people all over the world. A lot of us have multiple email accounts on various platforms and we use it for both personal and professional use. And if in case you want to make Sbcglobal email setting for Outlook then you might need to follow below-given steps. 

Changing Email Settings To Outlook Account

Suppose if your Sbcglobal mail is configured with any other email platform but now you want to change it to the Outlook then you should have information related to our Sbcglobal email settings. Hence to change the configuration, you can follow below given steps. 

1. Open the Outlook app and select the file option from the upper left corner of the window. Under files, select the account settings option from the information pop up. 


2. In the next tab, enter your details on the auto account setup screen and click on the next option. 


3. Now outlook will try to configure your Sbcglobal details automatically as the IMAP Account with all the proper settings. 


4. Once you are done click on the Finish option and close the window. 


And you are done with the settings. 


Alternative steps of changing SBCGlobal Configuration for Outlook 

1. A lot of times Sbcglobal does not have the settings to configure your account. In that scenario, you can easily try other manual steps to configure the account without any automatic settings. 


2. Open the Outlook app by logging in and select the File option located on the upper left corner of the window and go to the information section and account settings. 


3. Now select the manual setup or additional server type and tap next. 


4. You will be asked to choose between the IMAP or POP option and once you confirm the changes, select the next option. 


5. As a new screen opens, now enter the information related to your name, email address.


6. Also, enter the server information such as account type, incoming server, and outgoing mail server. 


7. At last, also enter the login details like your username and the password. 


8. Cross-check for all the settings and once done, tap on the more settings after this located on the lower end of the same window. 


9. Coming back to the more settings, now enter the authentication of the outgoing server and the same settings for the incoming server.


10. Now tap on the advanced settings after this and verify all the details that you have provided above. 


11. Now provide all the required details like POP port settings of the incoming and outgoing port. 


12. Also, share the general settings for the Pop and choose the security tab. 


13. Likewise, give in the same details related to the IMAP settings too. 


14. And hence you reach the last step of the process, now click an OK button as your last instructions and save all the settings given above. 


15. At last, click the next and finish button and complete all the configuration steps. 


Thus you are done with the steps to setup Sbcglobal email account on Outlook. For doubts, contact customer care of Outlook or Sbcglobal.

Acquire useful tips to fix when SBC Global Email stopped Syncing on Outlook

If you want to learn the appropriate steps to get the issue fixed, you need to read this page properly and become a significant practitioner to fix the syncing process with the Outlook account. You need to make sure that SBCGlobal email account is configured correctly or not and then also check your internet service is working good or not. It is important to enter the correct email address and password to access and try to sync your SBCGlobal account on Outlook email account. You can follow the steps and come over this problem with ease.

Following are the ways to fix SBCGlobal email when it stops to sync on Outlook account:

  • At first, visit the SBCGlobal email account sign-in page and enter the correct email address and password.
  • Go to the settings and select the profile button and make changes with your settings and then select the server settings.
  • You should open the Outlook press file and select the add account button where you have to follow the link.
  • Click on internet email settings and then make sure that the manual setup is active and then go to the mail server.
  • Select IMAP Incoming mail server and enter the correct email address and select port number 995 and select SSL and press the yes button.
  • Select the SMTP Outgoing mail server and enter the same email address and select port number 465 and select SSL and press the yes button.
  • Click on the sync button and choose mail, calendar, and contact button and press on the sync button to complete the task.
  • Now click on the save change button and then you should enter the email address and password to complete the task finally.

If you still face the same error and asking someone how do I sync my SBCGlobal email with Outlook, you should feel free to contact our tech support team with ease. 

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