How To Recover Hotmail Account

A Comprehensive Guide On Hotmail Account Recovery

Have you been facing issues with your Hotmail account as in login issues? Well, many users face this issue with their account and sometimes even fail to troubleshoot it on their own. Besides this issue can also restrict you from accessing your account, and eventually you may not be able to get access to your important emails along with other information. However, if you are new to Hotmail accounts, then you might be getting confused with your account recovery.

But Hotmail offers you multiple ways to get your account recovered without any hassle. Also, you can Recover Old Hotmail Account with the help of the recovery information such as phone number, email address, security questions, two-steps verification, and other ways. Therefore, read further to learn about the simple process to recover your email account on Hotmail.

Instructions On How To Recover Hotmail Account

With the help of the following steps, you can do your Hotmail Account Recovery within quick time.

  • At first, visit the official recovery page of Hotmail in your web browser, then you’ll need to enter the username, phone number, and the email address.
  • Next, you’ll be asked to enter the liked to your account on the next page. Hence, enter the exact answers for your questions, or you can also opt for the other recovery options if you don’t remember the answers.
  • Hereafter, you can choose the other Hotmail Account Recovery such as phone number or email address. With these recovery options, you’ll be provided an account verification code from Hotmail that’ll help you to verify your account ownership.
  • Hence, choose an option, then get the verification code, and then enter it in the given field, and then verify your account.
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the password creation page where you’ll need to think about a strong password that includes both alphabets and numbers (suggested). Hence, think of the strong one, then enter it in the given space two tines, and then save the changes.
  • Finally, update your new Hotmail account password in all of your linked devices, and then you can continue to access your account.

Moreover, if you have an old account on Hotmail, then you can easily reset it password with the help of the aforementioned steps. However, if your account has the two-step verification security enabled, then it may a bit different to Recover Old Hotmail Account, here’s how.

Steps To Recover Hotmail Account Through Two-Steps Verification

  • At first, navigate to the Hotmail account sign-in page, then enter the username, email address or phone number in the given space, and then click on the forgot password link.
  • Now, you’ll be asked to provide the pho ne number linked to your Hotmail account, enter it, and then you’ll receive a code.
  • Enter the two steps verification code in the given fields, then navigate through the on-screen instructions to create a new password for your Hotmail account.

Moreover, if you are still unable to recover your account, then kindly reach out to the tech experts at Hotmail and get their assistance. They’ll surely assist you with the best information on How to Recover Hotmail Account without any hassle and that too within the real-time.

Effective steps to recover your Hotmail account when it is blocked

Are you worried about your blocked Hotmail Account? The Hotmail account can be blocked due to several reasons. You need to identify those reasons and try to overcome them. One of the foremost reasons is the limited use of Hotmail. Your Hotmail account can be deactivated or blocked if you use it for a lesser period of time. 

So, here are the steps for Hotmail Account Blocked. In this write-up, you will get to know the steps that will help you to recover your Hotmail account effortlessly. Also, you can write down to the customer service team of Hotmail in case of discrepancy. The customer service team of Hotmail is available day and night to help the users who are facing issues related to their Hotmail account. There are multiple ways of contacting the customer support team of Hotmail. Mail or message them to their official email id or you can also talk to the customer representatives regarding your Hotmail issue.  

Step: How To Recover A Hotmail Account When It Is Blocked?

Steps to recover your blocked Hotmail account: 

Here are the steps for how to recover a Hotmail account when it is blocked. Check it out.

  • Commence the process by opening the official web portal of Hotmail.
  • There you will see a login box.
  • Write down your Hotmail email address and click on the “Next” option.
  • A box will appear where you have to enter your password.
  • But you don’t need to write down your password.
  • Instead, click on the option “Forgot Password”.
  • Now, you can select any one way to reset your Hotmail account.
  • The ways can be security question, text, and email.
  • If you select a security question, then answer the question that you have inputted at the time of creating your Hotmail account.
  • For text, a security code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Note down that security code and reset your Hotmail account.
  • For email, a verification code will be sent to your alternate email address that you have provided at the time of creating your Hotmail account.
  • Enter that verification code and reset your Hotmail password.

Simple steps to Recover your Deleted Hotmail Account 

The steps to know How to recover Deleted Hotmail account are mentioned below. You can perform these steps and recover your Hotmail account.

  • The first step in Hotmail account recovery process is to go to the official web portal of Hotmail.
  • On the account recovery page of Hotmail, you will see the log-in box there.
  • Write down your Hotmail email id and move to the next step.
  • Now, click the “I Forgot My Password” option.
  • Type the CAPTCHA code that is visible on your screen.
  • Select the recovery options in between “Email” or “Phone number”.
  • If you select email as an option, then a verification code will be sent to your email address that you need to enter.
  • On selecting a phone number, a security code will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Enter that code on the log in page.
  • Write your new Hotmail password.
  • Re-write it for confirmation.
  • Now, you are good to go.

So, these are the simple steps to recover your Hotmail account in an easy manner. For any sort of help and guidance, you can contact the customer support team of Hotmail. 

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