How Do I Verify My Identity on Google

A Quick Guide On How One Can Verify Their Google Account Without A Phone Number

In the past few years, a Google account has become one of the basic requirements for accessing various online services and accounts. Hence, maintaining a secured Google account along with the best security features is essential. 

Further, as the service providers strive to offer the best of the services to the users, Google has introduced a two-step verification feature where a code is provided on the linked phone number to verify the Google account. So, users who are not aware of this service can check out the details mentioned below.

What happens when the user fails to verify their Google Account? 

For the users who are not aware, the Google account verification via phone number offers an extra layer of security to the account that not helps in confirming the identity of the users but also helps in preventing identity theft and recovering the Google account. 

However, lately, many users have reported Google could not verify this account belongs to you issue. Well, multiple reasons can lead to this problem that includes the network issue or a technical glitch with the Google services. Be it any reason, one can still manage to resolve it and verify their Google account. 

However, many users failed to verify their Google account via phone number. So, in such situations, the user can make use of alternative methods to complete the account verification process. So, for the users who are not aware of how they can verify their account without using a phone number, they can check out the details discussed in this article.

How users can verify their Google account without using a phone number? 

For the users who are looking for the details on Can You Verify a Google Account Without a Phone Number? Well, the answer is yes as Google provides the alternative to verify the identity of the user. 

So, in the current situation, the user has no access to the phone number used at the time of Google account creation. So, in such situations, the user can make use of the phone used to access the Google account or make use of the security key added to their Google account.

To help one get a better idea, here are the steps of Google account verification that one can follow: 

  • On the Google account verification page, the user needs to mention the email or phone number used to create the account and proceed. 
  • Then, the user can skip the phone verification option and opt for the phone prompt option.
  • Further, a phone prompt will appear on the screen that the user needs to tap on to complete the account verification process.

Alternatively, for the users who have created a security key for their Google account, they can make use of the same and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account verification process. 

Creating a Google account without phone verification

Besides, for the users who are creating a new Google account and wish to avoid phone verification and looking for details on How do I verify my identity on Google, they can follow the quick steps mentioned below: 

  • Open Gmail and opt for create an account option.
  • Provide the full name and username along with a strong password. 
  • Then, the user can leave the phone number space empty and provide an alternative email and finish the account setup process.

After that, the user will be offered a verification on the email they need to enter to complete the account verification process.

Steps To Bypass Google Verification After Reset

There are certain steps that you have to direct, we have covered them below. 

  • Foremost, go to the device settings option 
  • There will be a different option; here you can see the factory reset option. Though, it relies more on the type of device you are using. So, you can find it and reset it 
  • Once the system is rebooted, now you have to direct the steps for the setup 
  • Here, you can go to the wifi option, where you have to click on it, but make sure you are provided the password. After a few seconds, they will ask you to mention the current password 
  • Move to the next option once you connect the device with the factory reset 
  • Now, you can see the option where you have to mention the Google account information 
  • Press the menu appears and here user can set the Keyboards settings, like language 
  • At the top of the page, you can see the option where you have to select the help option 
  • Now choose the backup and reboot the system 

With this simple method, you can easily assure safety as well as you must learn that How do I bypass Google verification on Android Phone or any other system. Even, in between, you might have to prove that you are an authentic user. Here, it is vital as it shows that the system is fully managed by you. But, many new users who want to bypass the verification are not aware of it.  

If you are one among them and looking for How Do I Verify My Identity on Google to make the process more efficient and easy, then you can direct mentioned steps. We have covered some methods through which you can verify yourself.

  • First of all, go to the official page of the Google 
  • Now, provide the information, like id. Next, you have to find the account 
  • In beneath the login, you will see the option for verifying. Here you can select the method that seems suitable to you
  • You will receive the verification code, and with this, you have to mention the code and verify that it is your account

If you face any kind of issues, then you can connect with the live person and get quick support.

Google Couldn’t Verify this Account Belongs to Your, How to Fix This Issue?

Account hacking has become one of the most common things and Google users also confronting such kinds of issues on an often basis or when someone tries to access their email account. Google is highly known for providing reliable features and whenever it sees any unknown access or not identify your account, then a message appears that says Couldn’t verify this account belongs to you during the login. With Google account recovery, one can fix this problem in a very simple manner or try to verify the identity through the varied options in a quick and reliable way.

How can I resolve Google couldn’t verify the account belongs to your issue?

Trying to accessing your Google account using your login credentials? And getting an error says incorrect identity or unable to identify your Google account? Then you should fix this issue immediately and if you want to know how can I resolve Google couldn’t verify the account belongs error, then you don’t need to worry as you can simply fix this issue with the help o the below steps:

Check if you are supposed to enter a linked email address to Google

  • If Google is asking to enter the email account or address which is linked to your Google account, then you can also verify your identity as you will get a pop-up verification notification in your email account.
  • After that, you might either reset the password or you may also get any kind of security notification.

Answer the security questions

  • You can also verify your Google account identity after providing the answer to some security questions related to your Google account.
  • You can also try other security questions for the answering if you are not able to provide the answer to the previous one.

Use your device

If you will have set up the two-step authentication, then you can also use your phone to verify that you belong to your Google account after opening the security notification in your phone from Google.

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