How Do I Get my Activision Account Back?

Suppose you are an active gamer and a PlayStation enthusiast. In that case, you must know about the leading worldwide developer, publisher, and distributor of an interactive entertainment company called Activision that provides best class gaming experience to their customers in the form of several famous video games such as call of duty, Crash and Spyro, etc. To get all these benefits you need to have an Activision account that will help you in gaining access to these games more easily. 

How To Recover Activision Account?

But somehow, you lost your Activision account, and you need to have it back otherwise, it will be difficult to play all those games, so the question is, How do I get my Activision account back? The answer lies in the below-mentioned procedure which will help you retrieve your account without any hassle.

You can reset your password through password recovery and then log in again with your Activision account.

  • Move to the Activision account password recovery page 
  • After that, fill in your email address and tap on submit.
  • Now you need to check your mailbox and click on the "reset your password" link.
  • At last, enter your new password and click on save.
  • Finally, the page will redirect to the login panel, where you need to login through to your account and use a new password again.
  • So following these steps, you will be able to get your activision account back. 

How To Recover an Activision Account without Google Authenticator?

Yes, you can recover an activision account without google authenticator such as if you have lost or misplaced your phone. In this case, you can apply the backup codes that have been received while setting up the 2FA.

  • First of all, enter your account address and password.
  • After that fill in one of the backup codes in place of the security code section.
  • At last, click on continue, and you have successfully recovered your Activision account. 

What if I don't have Access to my Activision Email?

If you do not have access to your Activision account, then it will be difficult for you to change your email address. If you are still a recovery account that is linked to this account, then you may get access to your Activision account. To do so, you have to choose a linked account on the Activision page and then log in through that account.

Can You Recover a Hacked Activision Account?

Yes, you can recover a hacked Activision account; according to the company, every player should safeguard their account by submitting an account recovery request form You need to fill out the form with the necessary details as well as attach relative documents so that it will be easy for the authority to verify the request; if it is valid, then the team will work to get back your account as soon as possible.

After processing your request, you will receive a notification regarding the request's success on your registered email address. 

How Do I Recover my Old Activision ID?

You can recover an old activision account without google authenticator through the two-factor authentication (2FA method. It is an extra layer of security that requires a second way to verify a user's identity prior to accessing your account.

During 2FA, after logging in through an account, you need to enter a security code that will be sent from the google authenticator app while filling in your login credential. Every time you log in, the app will send a new code which will be active for only 30 seconds. Using the code, you can get access back in your hand.

If you have a query or doubt related to the Activision account then dial the customer service executive via toll-free number 310 255 2000, which is available 24 hours and seven days.

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