Process to recover Protonmail password without email

How to reset your ProtonMail password

You require to rest the Proton password because you forget it. Password can be reset only if you have set a recovery method. Generally, the password is required for two reasons: 

  • To get access to the Proton account
  • To decrypt the contact, emails, and other encrypted data. 

Check the instructions if you lost your password: 

  • Users need to recover two steps to retrieve all the information and data, including encrypted. One step is account recovery, and another is data recovery. 
  • For account recovery, rest your password via the three options: recover email, phone number, and recover phase. Follow the steps shared below to change your password: 
  • Visit the Sign in at
  • Choose the Forgot password link to enter your Proton Mail email address/ username.
  • Select the Next button.
  • Click Email/ preferred recovery mode to share a recovery email address/ other option and choose to Send code. 
  • After entering the code, click on Rest password. 
  • Type your new password and confirm it. 

After resetting the password via email or phone, messages and other encrypted files will be recovered. To recover the data, you still need your old password. Data can be retrieved via data recovery, recovery files, or backup encryption keys. Follow the step: 

  • Click Settings → Go to settings → Encryption and keys and click the Reactivate keys button.
  •  Select the Password tab/ Phase/ File and enter the previous password.
  • Choose Recover data and share your current password. 

Important note that the recovery phrase method can be helpful for both data recovery and account recovery. 

What happens if I forgot my Protonmail password without recovery email

Even if you reset your password, you can use it to exchange mail. However, you can’t read your existing emails, contacts, and files due to encryption meant to protect the data. To get access to your data, you are required to recover your email after setting your new password.  

Instructions to avoid mistakes while entering your password: 

  • Always write your new password and save it where you can access it whenever required. Don’t just rely on a password manager. 
  • After entering your password choose the show icon to verify you have typed it correctly. 
  • While copying and pasting the password into the password field, check there is no extra space at the end. Else there might be a copy/ paste error.

How do I recover my protonmail account username

To recover your username, you are required to provide the recovery email address or recovery phone number. Follow the steps: 

  • Visit the link,
  • To find your email/ username, select the suitable recovery option. 
  • Click on send my username. 

How do I change my password on Protonmail

Users can change the password to the stronger one. Here are the instructions shared below: 

  • Go to settings and choose account and password. 
  • Select the change password. 
  • Now, enter the old and new passwords per shared instructions and click Save. 

In case you are facing technical or service related issues, contact customer support via email at 

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