How Can I Recover My Gmail Account if I Don't Remember Anything?

How Can I Recover My Gmail Account if I Don't Remember Anything?

Gmail provides email services that stay active 24 hours and seven days and give ample storage capacity so that you can store important and legal documents in a safer place protected with a password. Gmail accounts provide access to the different sites and keys to several documents. Suppose you cannot log in through Gmail and show some error then. How do I recover my Gmail account if I don't remember anything? You can follow this article to recover your account quickly with the help of the following procedure as mentioned below in the form of steps explained in layman language so that you can apply it without any expert guidance.

How to Fix Recover My Gmail Account If I Don't Remember Anything? 

You need to go through the Gmail site.
Then move to the account recovery page.
After that, enter your valid phone number and email address, and click on next.
Now enter your password and submit. If it is correct, you can proceed to move further; if it is incorrect, you can click on the forgot password.
Enter your recovery email or phone number of your choice to receive OTP so that you can receive a set new password link.
Now reset your password and click on continue.
You can log in again to get through the Gmail page.

How Can I Recover My Google Account Without a Password And Phone Number?

You can still recover your google account without a password and phone number if you have a recovery email added during your two-step verification process. The google account makes it easier for you if you have an alternative email id so that you can get access to your old Gmail account without any hassle from your preferred location.

You can go through the Gmail portal.
Then move to the account recovery tab, and the page will open.
After that, you need to fill in your email and click next.
Now tap the forgot password tab and choose the recovery mail option to get a recovery password link.
Enter an alternative email address, then automatically, you will receive a coded message by the help of which you can recover your account quickly after following the on-screen instruction.

After following the steps mentioned above, you get your google account recovery. If you have doubts, you can connect with google help and contact service via helpline number available 24 hours and seven days.

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