How Can I Get Into My Gmail Account if I Lost My phone?

Easy Tips & Tricks Is Here How Can I Get Into My Gmail Account if I Lost My phone?

Gmail is computer software that comes under the operations of Google and is one of the most important applications of google apps. Gmail is used for email services that help to connect with the globe through Gmail accounts. You can utilize Gmail for both official and personal use. But if someday a big tragedy happens to you and you want to know. How can I get into my Gmail account if I lost MY Phone? Then no need to be worried; you can still access your account even after this type of big problem. 

Ways to Recover your GMAIL Account IF I Lost My Phone

Visit the Gmail account recovery link -, from another device. You will get an option to type your email ID:-


1 - Through linked email address:-

  • You will need to type your password, or if you do not remember your password, then you can select "Forgot password".
  • A new link for the password will be sent to your linked Gmail account.
  • Copy the link and the recovery code.
  • Insert the code in the blanks and set a new password for your Gmail account.


2 - Through recovery question:-

  • If you did not get your new password link or a password reset code, then you may choose to answer the recovery question.
  • When a new mail account is formed, at the same time, a recovery question is also set for recovery in the future.
  • Choose your selected recovery question option and type its answer. You will get the reset password option; insert it twice to confirm the newly formed password.

3 - Through an alternate phone number:- 

Some users link more than one number with their Gmail accounts. If you have lost one number with your phone but the second number is with you, then the same procedure till the "Forgot password" will be followed. When google gives you the option for recovery code, select the alternate number.

 How Do You Recover My Gmail if I Lost My Phone?

These are the best ways to resolve your query: How do you recover my Gmail if I lost my phone? And start using your Gmail again. All Gmail accounts offer free cloud storage of up to 15 GB, including access to Google Photos, Hangout, Mail, Docs, and Drive. You can use your mobile number to open and link your account.

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