GMX Not Receiving Emails

Things You Should Do to Fix GMX Not Receiving Emails Problem

If you have a GMX email account and seeing some problems in receiving emails on your account, Also, thinking of fixing it as soon as possible. But the problem is that you don't know how to fix GMX not receiving emails. Well, for such cases, you can go through this post to get complete information about GMX email issues. So, go through the points mentioned below and fix the issue instantly. 

Reasons Responsible For Seeing GMX Is Not Receiving Emails Issue

  • To begin with, you should check if the email address is filled by the sender is correct to ask him or her to re-check the email address whether it is correct or not. 
  • It may be possible that you have blocked that person from whom you're expecting an email to come. You should check the block list on your email account. 
  • Also, it may be possible that all your emails are landing in the Junk Mail Box. If you see such a situation, you need to add the address into your contact list so that email won't go to the junk box. 
  • You can check the email settings due to changes in the email settings; you may also see GMX not receiving emails problem. Not only has this but you also needed to see the Personal Domain Settings.
  • You may ask the sender to check if the email he or she is trying to send you is in their Outbox. 
  •  After knowing the possible reasons to see GMX email problems, you must be thinking about the ways to fix it. So, here is the list of steps to perform in order to get rid of the GMX email issue. 

Steps That Will Help You to Fix the GMX Is Not Receiving Emails Issue

You can fix your GMX not receiving emails by configuring GMX and to do so, all you need is to follow the steps listed below.

  • First and foremost, you should make sure that your device is connected to an active internet connection. Also, check if the internet signals are strong as poor signals may sometimes create this issue. 
  • Also, you need to open your email settings and set it to default because some changes may disturb the pathway of receiving the emails on GMX. 
  • In addition, you can clear the cache and cookies of your web browser that you're using for login. Moreover, you can delete the browser history and junk files from your system as well. 
  • Check if your web browser is compatible with GMX email to use or any upgrade is there to install. If you find such things, install the latest update.

SMTP Settings for GMX Mail Accounts

Before sending a mail through GMX mail your need to enter some following information. If any user-facing problems with outgoing mail so you can fix the issue -

GMX SMTP server address:
GMX SMTP username: your full GMX Mail email address
GMX SMTP password: your GMX Mail password
GMX SMTP port: 587
GMX SMTP TLS/SSL required: no

IMAP.GMX Mail Setting -

For receiving GMX email sent by another email account, user needs to use the IMAP protocol. follow the setup for IMAP program -

GMX IMAP server address:
GMX IMAP username: your full GMX Mail email address
GMX IMAP password: your GMX Mail password
GMX IMAP port: 993
GMX IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes for port 993, no for port 143

POP.GMX Mail Setting -

Enter the following information for setup GMX POP mail setting -

GMX POP server address:
GMX POP username: your full GMX Mail email address
GMX POP password: your GMX Mail password
GMX POP port: 995
GMX POP TLS/SSL required: yes for port 995, no for port 110

Apart from this, after doing all the steps mentioned above, the problem still persists, you shouldn't take a risk and instantly contact the customer support team to get assistance to fix GMX not receiving emails.

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