Can I keep my Sbcglobal Email if I cancel ATT

How to Keep SBCGLOBAL Email after Cancelling AT&T

Want to switch from ATT due to its low speed or found a new internet service which offers better prices in your area but at the same time worried about losing your Sbcglobal Email then read this article and your doubt of Can I keep my Sbcglobal Email if I cancel ATT will be cleared in no time.

The answer of your question is yes; yes you can keep your Sbcglobal email even if you cancel your ATT services  all you need to do is to unmerge your Sbcglobal Email Account from ATT’s account. For achieving this follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: First you need to delete your Sbcglobal account from ATT services website. For doing so you need to login into your ATT account with your member ID and password.

Step 2: Go to your profile and click on update My Profile.

Step 3: Then choose Account profile under ATT Email account.

Step 4: Now click on Delete Account next to your member Id.

Step 5: Press Ok and your Sbcglobal account will be deleted from ATT services. Remember to check the status under User information section. Disable should be written there. Your account is now deleted.

Step 6: Now go to Sbcglobal mail login page and login with your Id and password and click on merge button. Now you can login to your Sbcglobal account and cancel your services with ATT.

Things to remember before cancelling your ATT services in order to keep your Sbcglobal Email Account activated:

  • Remember to disconnect your Sbcglobal account from your ATT account otherwise you need to pay monthly to keep your Sbcglobal Email activated even after cancelling the ATT services as well as you will be unable to make any changes in your email account.
  • Once your ATT account is cancelled you will not be able to reset your Sbcglobal email id so remember to set security questions before cancelling the services so that you can also easily reset your Sbcglobal password in case you forget it.
  • Link your Sbcglobal account to your mobile number so that you can reset your password using your mobile number.
  • It is recommended to forward your Sbcglobal email’s data to different account in case your Sbcglobal email account doesn’t open after deleting it from ATT account.

So by following these steps one can easily answer their question “Can I keep my Sbcglobal Email if I cancel ATT?”

What is the procedure for unmerging the SBCGlobal account from AT&T?

Are you looking forward to knowing the procedure for unmerging the SBCGlobal account from AT&T? After discontinuing AT&T services, you can handle your SBCGlobal email very easily as you need to perform a simple procedure to unmerge both of them. As long as your SBCGlobal account is in a good condition, despite canceling your AT&T Internet account, you can still have access to it. Similarly, Sbcglobalmail users who might have linked their account to the AT&T can also separate both. Therefore, by going through the process as explained below, you will collect the data about unmerging your SBCGlobal account from AT&T.

How to unmerge your SBCGlobal account from AT&T?

Some of the users might want to discontinue using AT&T internet services, but at the same time also want to keep their SBCGlobal account. Therefore, if you want to keep your SBCGlobal account and have this question in mind that, how do I unmerge SBCGlobal from ATT, please follow the process as mentioned below.

  • Visit AT&T website on a browser and enter your Member ID and password to login
  • Then navigate to the profile section from home page and choose the option to update profile
  • Next you have to select your account profile under the AT&T email accounts tab
  • Then you have to press delete account button available next to your Member ID
  • At last choose OK button to verify then you can check account status as disabled by going to the information section
  • In this way, you can still access your SBCGlobal account even after discontinuing AT&T services

How to separate your Sbcglobal account from AT&T?

As you know that Sbcglobal account holders are allowed to associate their account with the AT&T, but they often encounter several issues while both of their accounts are merger. However, Sbcglobal mail users can still separate their account from the AT&T with the help of quite a simple method so that they can avoid such issues in future. Moreover, if you have merged your Sbcglobal account with AT&T before but now you are facing some trouble due to the same then you can easily separate both of them. To understand how to separate Sbcglobal Email from ATT you need to follow the instructions from below.

  • Go to the AT&T website and enter your login credentials to login into account
  • Then from your AT&T account home page you need to access the profile section
  • Further you have to navigate to the AT&T email accounts tab and choose account profile
  • Then access the users information tab and choose delete account option from member ID
  • Next you will get a confirmation message on which you have to click OK
  • After that, you have to login into your Sbcglobal account on a new browser
  • At last, move towards the bottom corner of your Sbcglobal mail and tap on the unmerge button

The most appropriate details about the procedure to unmerge the SBCGlobal email account from the AT&T in the scenario the users want to discontinue its internet services provided above. In addition the steps for separating the Sbcglobal account from AT&T are also given above. Besides, AT&T provides excellent customer services to the users who are willing to gather any further assistance regarding any issues they might be facing while using the services.

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