How to Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel

A Quick Tutorial On How To Freeze Rows And Columns In Excel Sheet

In the event, if you are working on large Excel sheets and want to view certain rows or columns while you move to another sheet then freezing them can become very useful. With this, you’ll be to compare your different columns or rows with each other. Also, this will make it easier for you to work at a faster pace. With the recent updates in Excel, you can easily lock your rows or columns with a few clicks. However, if you are new to Excel and have somewhat knowledge of using it then it is completely fine.  Hence, follow the simple steps mentioned in the following section in order to freeze rows and columns in your Excel document.

Steps To Freeze Rows And Columns In Excel

Freeze Top Row In Excel

•          To do this, scroll to the menu section on top and then move to the View section.

•          Here scroll to the Freeze Pane option and then click on the Freeze Top Row option.

This will lock the top row in your document. You can now see that it highlighted as grey.

Freeze Multiple Rows in Excel

•          Select the rows that you want to lock then scroll to the View tab on the top.

•          Now, click on the Free Panes and then this will lock your selected rows.

Now, let’s see how to freeze columns in your Excel document.

Freeze First Column

•          Scroll to the View tab and then click on the Freeze Panes section.

•          Now click on the Freeze First Column option and then you’ll see that the column on the extreme left is locked.

Freeze Multiple Column

•             Select the columns that you wish to freeze and then scroll to the View tab.

•          Now, click on the Freeze Panes option under the Freeze Panes section.

Hence these were the important steps that will help you to freeze your selected rows and columns. Alternatively, you can also use the Split option in the View tab to view all the selected rows or columns separately.  Hence, this was all about how to freeze rows in Excel.

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