How To Fix Mozilla Firefox not Responding in Windows 10

If you have been using the internet for quite a long time then Mozilla Firefox won’t be a new name for you. And fast forward to 2020, there are a lot of people who still use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser and to connect to the internet. This is only because of the popularity of this browser that a lot of people still use this browser for browsing the internet.

Firefox not Working

If you are a user of the internet then you would also be well aware of the fact that the internet stops working in the middle of work. And in case your Mozilla Firefox has stopped working then this blog will guide you as to How to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding in Windows 10.

Tips to Fix the Mozilla Firefox not working

1. Check the internet not working 

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser and it works with an internet connection. In case your internet stops working because of any internet network glitch then eventually Mozilla Firefox would stop working as well. And the first thing you can do to solve the issue is to check up on your internet connection. A lot of people ignore the connectivity settings of the device. And to resolve the Mozilla, you can fix the internet and then access the browser back. 

2. Clear all the cookies and cache files  

Everyday a lot of us visit several links and websites and a lot of us even save a few links. And if you don’t clear the links or cookies of the previously visited websites then you might not be able to open the new links. And if any webpage is denied loading then it might be because of the cache files. And to fix the issue, ensure you clear all the old cache files and cookies. 

3. Remove and re-install the Mozilla app 

If by chance there is an issue with the web browser then maybe you need to update the device and application. Hence first of all remove the application and then re-install it and then you can easily access it back. 

4. Clean and re-install the windows 10  

The reason behind Mozilla firefox not working could be the issue with the windows update. And to fix the problem, you can update your outdated windows and then you can use Mozilla Firefox again. 

And henceforth with the help of these basic troubleshooting steps, you can easily fix the issue of Mozilla Firefox not responding. And for any further queries, you can contact the customer care team of Mozilla. 

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