How Long Does Google Drive Take To Process A Video

What are the factors on which Google Drive Video Processing Time Depends?

Google Drive is the best place to store videos as it helps to free up space in your mobile or any other device. Besides, saving a video on Google Drive also allows access to those particular videos on several devices. Many people usually want to know that exactly how much time Google drive takes to upload a video. However, some people believe that it takes forever to process a video on Google drive, while others may think that waiting a few hours is enough. It depends on the various factors that how much time Google drive will consume to process a video. More specific details regarding the same areas discussed below.

What does processing a video means?

Once a person uploads a video on Google drive, it takes another few minutes to open or download. This extra time taken is all about Google drive processing the video so that the person can play it successfully on a particular device.

How much time Google drive takes to process a video?

If you wish to know approximately, how long does Google drive takes to process a video, kindly refer to the factors discussed as below:

  • Video size is the most important factor on which the time is taken by Google drive depends. Let say the video you are uploading is 2 GB video. Hence, the video will take 1 hour to upload on Google drive, then extra 20 minutes to process for ensuring correct display once you play it.
  • The next important factor on which the Google drive video processing time depends is your internet speed. Hence, if you have connected your device to a high-speed internet then your Google drive video processing will finish quickly.
  • The last but not the least factor on which Google drive video processing time depends is your device processor. As processing a large file is a heavy task for any device processor, hence make sure not to run multiple heavy tasks at the same time or else Google time video processing will run late.

How to fix the video processing error of Google drive?

Sometimes if you face Google drive video processing error, and you can’t wait longer for that individual video, then you must try fixing the issue yourself. Some tricks you can follow to fix Google Drive processing video error are as given below:

Share video via offline mode:

  • Share the particular video to some other offline devices, if the Google drive is showing the unpredictable video processing error.
  • You can connect your device via USB cable to another device and share the video on it without internet.
  • You may also use any other data transfer software to move the video from your device to another one.

Download via sharing link:

  • You can download that individual video showing processing error in Google drive from its sharing link
  • Open the Google drive and choose processing video
  • Tap share and then create a sharing link
  • Then open the sharing link on a new tab
  • Next press three dots icon on the processing video
  • At last click download all tab and wait for it to finish

Well, all the important facts about the Google drive video processing time and error are discussed above in most accurate manner. Besides, you can connect to the Google support representative regarding any additional query you may want to know about the Google drive video processing system.

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