How Do I Use Google Chat

Chat provides an informal way to communicate your heart out with your contacts. Google also provides an option to chat with your contacts. You can use the Google chat option to connect with only one person at a time or connect multiple persons in a group to chat with multiple people simultaneously. So if you are curious to know, how do I use Google chat? The information below will help you in this regard.

Activating Google Chat on your Phone

1) To activate the chat option in your android phone, go to your Gmail mobile app and click on the three-line icon on the top left corner.

2) Then click on to General option under settings and proceed further.

3) Then click on to show chat and room tabs and proceed further.

4) Now, at the bottom of the screen, you will see the chat icon alongside mail and meet options under the widget section. You can use these steps to proceed with Google chat on a mobile app 

You can now refresh your screen and start using the chat option. On clicking on the chat icon, a new screen will pop up through you can chat. All your contact will be automatically synced to your account. If you have previously contacted anyone using the hangout option, that will also be displayed on your chat screen. You can also create a room using the chat option. Using the above option, you can now understand how to activate and use Google chat?

Activate Google Chat on A Browser

  • At first, go to the Gmail account and locate the setting option
  • Go to the view all settings option
  • Select the Chat and meet tab on the top
  • Click on Chat out of all the available options that are Chat, classic hangout, and off
  • Mostly chat section appear on the left, but you can choose it to appear on the right
  • If you want to hide the meat section, use the option chat and meet
  • Once done, click on save changes. So, this is how you can go ahead with Google activating chat on a browser.

Starting A Google New Chat

1) To start a new or fresh chat, tap the + icon, and a drop-down menu will appear up.

2) You can choose to chat with a single person and create a group if you want to chat with multiple people at a time, or you can create a room or chat in an existing group or room.

3) Type in or select the contact with whom you want to chat, and a window will pop up.

4) Type in your message and tap on send; you can also insert images, documents, emojis, etc., in your Chat.

5) The receiving end will get a mail-in in their inbox with the chat link or notification if they are using hangout or Chat. You can also schedule an event using the chatbox. 

How do i use Google chat? In case you want to chat with multiple people at a time, select the room option. Create a room, and then you will be asked to name the room. After naming the room, proceeds further and add the people you want to include. Your contacts will get an email with the link to your message if they are not using chat or hangout options. If you have created the room using a personal account and not a business account, anyone you have added can change the room's name. 

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