Google Map Not Showing Current Location

What To Do When Google Map Is Unable To Show Your Current Location

One of the most annoying things that can happen to us while using our Google maps app is that when it doesn’t show our current location. This could lead us the difficulty to reach to our desired locations. Moreover, we will also not be able to determine the distance between us and the location we are trying to reach.

But this doesn’t mean that can resolve such an issue even though there are any reasons that might cause this Google map not showing current location android or an iOS device. So, if you are also facing such problem in your respective smart phone device then here’s what you can do to fix this.

Why Google Maps Is Unable To Show Your Current Location?

Well, there are many reasons that might cause this such as poor internet connection, un-updated application, the location is not enabled on the device or may be app needs some serious troubleshooting. So, to fix these issues, first you’ll need to make sure that your internet connection is working properly and here is the second part that includes some quick fixes for your Google Maps.

Simple Methods To Fix Google Maps Issues On Your Android And iOS Devices

Turn On The Location On Your Device

In Android,

  • Go to the settings in the Android device and then select Location
  • Turn the toggle switch next to Use Location option
  • Reboot the device

In iPhone,

  • Go to Settings in your iPhone device and then select Privacy
  • Next, select Location Services and then ensure that Location Services are enabled

Update The Google Maps Application

In Android,

  • Hover to the Google Play Store in your Android device and then select the My apps & games
  • Now, look for Maps- Navigate & Explore and then hit the Update button next to it
  • Wait for the update completion and then restart the application in your device

In iPhone,

  • Launch the App Store app and then select the Today option at the bottom of the screen
  • Now, select your profile icon on the top of the screen and then scroll down to see Google Maps application
  • Hit the Update next to it or  tap the Update All button for overall update

Clear The Cache Files Of Maps The Application

In Android,

  • Move to the settings in your Android device an then select Apps & Notifications
  • Now, select the Maps application and then select Storage & cache files
  • Here, tap on the Clear Cache to remove the cache files and then restart the Maps app once again

In iPhone,

  • Go to Settings in your iPhone and then to the General section
  • Here, select Storage & iCloud Usage and then tap on the Maps Application
  • Next, follow the onscreen prompts to clear Map’s cache files

Calibrate Google Maps Compass -

Whenever in Google maps blue dot beam pointing the wrong direction then you need to calibrate Google maps compass.

Open Google Maps
Make a figure 8 until your compass is calibrated. You should only have to do this a few times.
The beam should become narrow and point in the right direction.

Report issue to Google

Open your Phone and Click Google maps icon
Hold a moment on the Maps with incorrect info to drop a pin
At the bottom, tap the Address
Select the Suggest to Edit.
Click to Send button

Users can also send information related issue like missing road, wrong road name by settings the feedback from the apps.

Why My Google Maps Showing Wrong GPS Location?

There could be plenty of possible caused behind the wrong current location of Google Maps and some of them are listed below:

  • Improper internet connectivity.
  • Using an older app version.
  • Caches and data.
  • Compass related issues.
  • Accuracy related problems.

Here are the simple steps to resolve the wrong current GPS location on Google Maps:

Solution 1: Check Internet Connection

Make sure that your device is properly connected to the internet connection because it is important having the proper internet connectivity to access the multiple features of Google Maps on your varied device.

Solution 2: Increase the Accuracy

You can also increase the accuracy level for Google Maps to the high accuracy in your preferred device to fix Google Maps wrong current location issue and you can follow the below simple steps for that:

  • Go to the Settings from your device.
  • Tap on Locations.
  • Now turn on the location which is available at the top side.
  • Now tap on Mode and then select High Accuracy.

Solution 3: Update Google Maps app

Using an older app version for your Google Maps may also cause plenty of issues and you can simply fix the varied issues after updating your app to the latest version because every latest version comes with the multiple bug fixes.

Solution 4: Calibrate the Compass

Make sure that compass is working fine in your Google Maps which is very important to access the Google Maps and you can check it with the help of below steps:

  • Open the Google Maps app on your phone.
  • Now make a figure in the 8 positions until your compass is calibrated.
  • Now check whether it is making a proper direction and then try to check the current location on your device.

These above-given steps can assist in how to fix when Google Maps gets it wrong location issue in a very simple and instant manner. But in case you are still not able to deal with this issue or have any other problem, then you can get effective support from the customer service team of Google Maps.

Contact Tech Support For More Information: Google Maps Issues

Furthermore, if you are still facing the same issue with your Maps application then you can try reinstalling it into your respective Android or iOS device. However, if you can’t fix it even after reinstalling it then you must contact tech-support to get assistance on fixing the Google map not showing current location iPhone or Android issue with the best possible solutions and guidance.

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