Google Docs not Downloading File

How To Fix Google Docs Not Downloading?

Would you like to fix Google Docs issues in a simple manner? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry as here you will receive the complete information on the same. Google Docs are a popular word processor that is used for editing and you can also format text and graphics. Sometimes, the user faces issues with the Google Docs but it can be resolved easily. If you want to know about how do I fix Google docs not loading issues, you need to follow the below mentioned ways.

Try using a different browser: 

Generally, Google Docs works best in chrome. But if you are facing issues in downloading documents, you should use an alternative web browser such as Firefox, Edge or Safari.

Initiate Downloading:

Download failures in Google Docs are relatively simple to fix for the most part. Make sure you carry out common fixes to memory to know what to do the next time when you encounter similar issues.

Turn off the hardware acceleration:

Forum chatter tells you that Chrome's hardware acceleration functionality is a likely reason for failed download. To check if this is the case, open the Chrome Settings, expand Advanced, tap on the System, turn off the switch next to 'Use hardware acceleration when available,' and then tap on the Relaunch. In case, Google Docs starts downloading documents normally afterward. In that case, you should look into updating Chrome since keeping hardware acceleration disabled can adversely impact browser performance.

Perform print to PDF:

If splitting the files is like a hassle, you can 'print' them to PDF instead. Go to the File menu in Google Docs, choose Print, and select the Save as PDF option on the Print dialog box.

Break the Document:

Google Docs are unable to download large documents (those containing lots of images, for example), especially when it comes to exporting them to the PDF format. You should split the document into various parts and download them separately—you can always combine split PDFs afterward.

Use Incognito window:

Chrome's Incognito mode removes several browser-related issues caused by outdated browser caches or problematic extensions. You should go to the Chrome menu and tap on the New Incognito Window to switch to Incognito mode. After that, sign into Google Docs with your Google Account credentials and try to download a document.

Remove Google Docs Cache:

An outdated web cache can also cause various problems with websites and web apps, and Google Docs is no exception. To resolve that out, you should clear cached data related to the web app. Gratefully, you are not required to clear the entire Chrome cache.

Turn on the multiple file Downloads:

Due to security measures, Google Chrome stops sites from downloading files one after another. To check if this is the case, you are required to load Google Docs in a new tab, and then tap on the padlock-shaped icon next to the address bar-if the Automatic Downloads is set to Block (Default), you should set it to Allow.

After following the above mentioned ways, one can easily resolve the Google Docs Not Downloading issue in a very secure manner. If you have any kind of query, you can contact the customer support team for reliable and quick assistance. 

What Do I Do To Fix Unable To Load The File On The Google Docs Issue?

Google Docs is a free web-based document service that is utilized by a large part of internet users. It has importance in organizations as well as the personal user prefers this. No doubt, it is the most utilized Google service. 

But, sometimes user faces some problem with Google Docs. The most common one is Unable to load file on Google Docs. If you are facing a similar issue, and want to manage it as quickly as possible, then follow the below-mentioned methods.

Ways To Fix Unable To Load File Issues 

There are certainly easy-to-direct steps that you can be run manually. 

  1. Try New Browser

First, you should go with the basic method. Most of the time, due to browser running issues, Google does not allow loading files. The best way to manage this is that try to open the docs with the new browser. 

You can go for any other apart from the one you are using now. If the problem is resolved then you can change the browser, in case you are facing the same issues, and then check another method.

  1. Remove All Extensions

Google docs are not uploading or loading can be caused due to the extensions. You have to disable them and then try whether the method is working or not. You can easily do this, you can do this by directing the below two ways.  

First, disable the extension or delete them 

Second, try to open the Google Docs on incognito mode. If in this condition, it works, then there is a problem with the extension. 

  1. Reset All The Chrome Settings 

Sometimes, bringing changes in all the settings can cause such issues. If you don’t remember the changes, then you can go for the reset option. It will bring the setting to the default. Direct the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, open Chrome on your desktop 
  • Go to the setting by clicking on the three vertical dots 
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the “Advanced” option 
  • Inside this option, you can see “reset box” 
  • Here, you have to confirm the changes 

In this way, you can reset the settings and the best part is that all saved bookmarks and other important information will be there.  

  1. Update The Browser

Regular updates are important to keep the system safe and secure. There are many new features introduced that are vital to be a part of the browser. But, many users forget this and for this reason, uploading the load file on Google becomes a difficult task. 

So, all you have to go to the settings and select the update option and check for any new updates. If there is any, then complete the process. 

With these four ways, you must learn How do I fix unable to load Google docs file. You can direct any one of them and get rid of the issues. You can even talk to the support team in case you are not getting the expected results or facing the error again and again.

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