Brother Printer Error 04

A Brief Guide To Fix Error 04 In Brother Printers

Brother printers are quite famous for their user-friendliness and best in class print functionality. However, there are times when users face several issues while using their printers such as printer error 04 or any other code. These error codes usually state various printer issues that may have occurred in the device.

So what is Brother Printer error 04 and why does it appear on your printer’s screen? Well, in simple words, the error states that your Brother Printer device is unable to print due to various technical or mechanical malfunctions that have occurred on the device.

So what to do to fix such an issue on the Brother Printer? Read this article further to know about some of the easy fixes that should help you out with fixing printer error 04 on a Brother device.

How To Fix Printer Error 04 On Brother Printer?

Way1: Reset the Brother Printer Device

  • Turn off your printer and then remove all the cables and wires from it
  • Wait for 10-15 seconds and then plug-in all the wires and cords into the printer
  • Next, Turn-on the device and see if the date and time are displayed in the device

Way2: Update the driver of your Brother Printer

  • Head over to the Brother Printer Support webpage in your web browser and select the Support & Download tab
  • Click on the Choose your Product link and then enter the model number of printer
  • Next, follow the onscreen instructions to download the drivers of your respective device and then install them

Manually Clean Your Brother Printer

Manually cleaning your printer can also sometimes help you in fixing Brother Printer error 04. However, you’ll need to carefully remove all the components of your printer such as print-head, ink cartridges, paper tray and other things. Always use a dampen cloth to get rid of the dust off the printer’s components and then use a dry cloth to remove any wet places in your Brother printer. In addition, also check your ink cartridges if they are still intact and can print as long as they can, if not then simply replace them with the new ones.

Contact Technical Support For Better Troubleshooting Assistance: Brother Printer

If you are still facing printer error 04 on your device then it is time that to get in touch with the technical support assistants at Brother and get a consultation on how to fix the issue. The professional tech-support will surely help you out on how to fix the Brother Printer error 04 and also guide you with the best solutions.

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