PS4 Controller not charging No Lights

How can you fix PS4 not charging no lights problem?

Are you unable to charge your PS4 controller? Well, this situation can occur to anyone and the reasons may be minor such as issue with the cable or dust issue, etc. However, if you are going to replace your PS4 controller due to the not charging issue, then don’t do it instantly. You can at least try some troubleshooting at home itself, which is not as touch as you might be thinking and it would help to fixing the charging issue conveniently. In case you don’t have a clear idea about these troubleshooting methods which may help you in fixing the PS4 controller not charging no lights issue, then you are in better place to understand about it. Moreover, the methods to fix the PS4 Controller not charging no lights issue are as discussed below:

Try Charging Through a Laptop:

  • PS4 controller may sometime face some difficulty while charging it directly
  • Hence, you can plug in your PS4 charger to a laptop or another device for charging
  • Ensure that the PS4 charging cable is properly connected to the charger itself and the laptop or any other device

Swap Charging Cable:

  • You can swap the charging cable to another charger for checking the issue with it
  • Remove the charging cable from the PS4 charger and swap it to other

Check Charging Port:

  • Next thing you can do to troubleshoot PS4 not charging issue is by checking the charging port
  • Charging port may be filled with dust that is why preventing power flow
  • You can clean the dust with the help of a toothpick, then retry charging it

Reset Controller:

You can reset your controller to troubleshoot the charging issue as it might help in fixing the charging problem. The process to reset PS4 controller is as explained below:

  • Hold PS4 controller in your hand and look for a small hole in the back side of it
  • Next take a bobby pin or toothpick and use it to press into that small hole
  • You have to keep holding it at least up to 5 seconds and the controller will be reset
  • Now release the hole and try to charge your PS4 controller again

Hopefully you are able to understand the solution provided above to resolve your query about how to fix ps4 controller charging problem. You can apply these methods very manageable to fix the not charging issue of your PS4 controller. You can also contact a technical expert for inquiring about the solution to fix PS4 not charging issue. Well if nothing works than it’s the time to buy a new controller for your PS4.

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