How do I talk to Valorant support

Grab the Details how do I talk to Valorant support? 

Valorant is free to play game which is a first-person tactical shooting game, and it is very popular. As it is very popular, and everyone enjoys this game, it has a technical support team you can contact whenever there are issues in playing it, and you cannot use some of the services. For that reason, you must know how do i talk to valorant support. They provide amazing support on calling and chatting as well as they can give a good resolution over email as well. You have to choose any method of getting connected to the service team of valorant to get your issues resolved fast

Ways to connect with valorant live support

If you are looking for ways to get to valorant support and you are having any problem in playing games that might be caused by an issue that can be major for that, you have to know how do i complain to valorant. You have to follow the ways that are given 

Support on call

First, you must try to connect to the valorant support on a phone, which is the easiest way there, and for that, you have to make sure that you phone them at 424-231-1111. And then you have to choose a language according to your country, and then you have to then follow IVR very carefully. 

Press 1 for language selection

Press 2 for services 

Press 3 for product-related issues

Press 4 for server-related issues

Press 5 to speak to the valiant executive on call

Support on chat

As we all know the chat support of valorant and this is very good if you are facing issues looking for is there any live chat support of valorant to answer yes, you can get to them fast, and for that, you have to know that to get connected to valorant support on the chat you have to ensure and for that 

  • Go to the website of valorant
  • After that, click on contact us, and then you will see many ways to get connected to a valorant customer representative 
  • Now you have to make sure that you have to click the chat feature 
  • You are now connected to chat support
  • Now write any issues you are facing with valorant, and then you have to submit it to the executive on chat.
  • You will now get a reply from the support team, and after your issue gets resolved, you can close the chat support.

Support on email

If you want a resolution of your issue via email, you have to ensure that you send an email to and wait for them to respond to your email. They will get back to you within a few days, and you got to know how do i complain to valorant. And you will get a resolution to your issue, which was there while you were playing valorant 

Another way to complain to valorant

If you want to complain to valorant and choose a way other than the mentioned one, you must first go to the official website of the valiant. After that, you have to click on submit a request, and then you have to provide fields and write the issue after that, you have to submit the issue you will get a response on either your call or your email. After following this process, you can then message and get an answer on how do i send a message to valorant. 


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