How Do I Get My PS4 Account Suspended

Play stations have become very popular among youngsters these days. But with every game, you have to follow some terms and conditions. With PS4 also if you break the rules, your account may be suspended. Account suspension can happen due to many reasons like non-payment, cheating, hacking, etc. If you are caught for the first time, you will be warned initially; you will receive a message which will say that your account is suspended because of any particular error code. But if things go worse and you get a warning more than 2- times, your account may be suspended permanently. Here given are some steps that you can follow to get your unsuspended account back.

  1. At first, go to the play station website and check the rules from the terms and conditions you broke. 
  2. Check with your bank. Play station networks have zero-tolerance in the case on non-payments
  3. If you are temporarily banned from the PS4 and ask the bank to stop all payments, it can be a problem if your account is empty.
  4. You can also try using another console to sign in to your account; if you can sign in to your account, the problem is with your console, not the account.
  5. The only thing you can do to unsuspend your account is to directly speak to the play station customer service and appeal for your case.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your PS4 Account Suspended?

If your PS4 account got banned, In that case, you must have received an email for the same. Your account can be banned for several reasons like payment reversal, suspension due to misconduct, or SONY has noticed some suspicious activity in your account. Depending on the reason for your ban, your account can also be unsuspended in 7 days, or it might never get unbanned. Although Sony mentions no specific time, a temporary ban can last for a few days to one year from the date your account got banned. There have been seen many cases where repeat offenders have been banned for a year and forever. You can also check it in the mail which you received against account suspension. There you can read why your account is banned and how long it may take.

How Do I Fix my Suspended PSN Account?

To fix your suspended PSN account, it is important that first, you know the reason. Like if you found your account banned, you can try the following things.

Check the terms and conditions to know what you infringe, and you can take proper action depending on it.

Check if there is any bank or credit card issuer. In case there is any bank or credit card-related issue, you can clear it at your end, and you can also contact your bank if required.

Check your mail and read thoroughly what play station sent you regarding the ban of your account. If it's in your control, you can work on it accordingly.

You can also contact a Sony representative to lift the ban if you know that you are at no fault. Besides, you can also appeal only online.

How Do You Get Unbanned from PSN?

If your PSN account is banned, the first step is to identify your error message; by checking the error code, you will get an idea about why the account is banned and what you can do to unbanned it. So first, check the error code sent by play station and ten matches it with the list given below.

8002A227: - If you receive this code, it means you can't sign n to the Play stations

8002A231:- it means that any specific PlayStation network account is temporarily suspended

80710016:- you can decode it by knowing about several WS-37397 error codes, which are as below

  • WS37337-3: It means your PSN account has been suspended temporarily
  • WS37368-7: It will let you know that the given PSN account is banned
  • WS37338-4: It clarifies that the PSN console is permanently banned from the PSN
  • WS37397-9: It means connection error

So, depending on the above, if you found the code related to ban or suspension, you can flow the information given below.

First, you will have to go to the PlayStation website. From there, you can check terms and conditions to know what you broke.

Now check if they have your bank and credit card related issue

Maybe you asked your bank to stop all of the payments, and at the same time, your PSN account got banned, then it may happen that you didn't pay for your account, so it got banned. This can also happen due to you changing the credit card and getting a new card.

Try to sin in from the different PlayStation; If you succeed, it means your console is banned, not the account.

In case you are not able to log in from different PlayStation also, it means your account got banned, and you can create a new count now.

How Do I Reactivate my PS4 ACCOUNT?

You can reactivate your account anytime once if you get deactivated by using the following information below. Once you reactivate your account, your system will enable these features.

If your friend's family or closed ones use your primary PS4 system, they can use applications you purchase from the PlayStation store.

A person who uses your primary PS4 system can also enjoy PlayStation Plus subscription benefits

The PS4 system will be able to automatically download content you pre-ordered or the content that you have purchased on play station app.

You can also connect to your PS4 system via the internet connection using a remote play on another device.

Any individual who will use your primary PS4 system can also use themes, which you purchased from the PlayStation Store.

For one account, you can activate only one PS4 system.

The time when you activate a system, other users on the system will also be able to use the application and enjoy play station plus the benefits of the account without login.

For certain PlayStation plus benefits, you will have to subscribe to that service first. You can also visit the SIE website of your country and regions to get more details.

  • To reactivate your system at first sign in to your PlayStations network
  • Navigate and locate the tab settings and click on it
  • Now go to the Account Management option and click on the activate as your primary PS4
  • Lastly, Click on the Activate

So, using the above information, you can reactivate your account anytime.

How Do I Unlock My PSN Account?

PSN Email is a well-known service that various customers use across the world. It is gaining the customer's view day by day due to providing the new & Adaptable features in the domain. But sometimes, as usual as the other email accounts, it can also get hacked and raise many questions in customers' minds, which we will try to consider in the below-mentioned article.

What Can I do if I forget my PSN email and Password?

Sometimes, customers come out in this challenging situation when they forget the login credentials of their PSN Email. The main question arises: "What do I do if I forgot my PSN email & Password". In this situation, there are two ways left in the front of the users either to recover the account through the help of manual proceedings or through contacting the customer service. There are various ways to get the live representatives, which we are providing below:

  • Via Call.
  • Via Live chat.
  • Via Email and others.

How Do I Unlock My Ps4 Account Without Email:

Yes, of course, if you are facing the question that "How do I unlock my PS4 account without email". You should go through the below-mentioned pointers carefully. Go through them:

  • In the first step, users are required to visit the official support page of the PSN account.
  • After reaching the official page of PS4, tap out the section of "Help", and then simultaneously, users are required to click out the section of "Help & Support">
  • Scroll down the menu and continuously scroll to find out the section of "Contact Support".
  • Enter out in this section, and you find various options to contact the representatives.
  • Contact through the options, and they will assist you in the unlocking procedure of your account.

How To Recover The Psn Email Account Without Password And Email?

In case if the user lost access to both the username & Password and wanted to recover the PSN email account, they are required to contact customer support. We try to find the answer of "How can I recover my PSN account without password and email." We are providing out the detailed guidelines regarding recovery of the account through the help of live representatives:

Contacting Through Phone:

  • Dial-out the customer service number of PSN.
  • On being connected, select out the language in which you want to proceed with the conversation.
  • After completing the second step, you gt to hear out the automated "Live Instructions" regarding typing out the menus.
  • Press the menus accordingly, and your call gets redirected to the live representative.

How To Find Out The PSN Username & Password?

Sometimes, customers have no access to the username & Password of their PSN email, and in this situation, the most common question they face is "How do I find my PSN Email and username". Customers are advised to go through the pointers mentioned below to get an overview:

  • In the first step, users are needed to go to the settings page of the PlayStation.
  • After reaching its official page, you get to see the option of "Account Management".
  • In this step, select out the account information and proceed ahead.
  • Finally, you will be able to view your PlayStation ID.

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