YouTube Video not Playing in Chrome

Why isn't a YouTube video playing in Chrome, and How can you fix it?

Are you having trouble getting YouTube video to play on Chrome? Despite the fact that YouTube & Chrome are both Google products, this does not imply that they will always operate well together. Many people have been complaining about YouTube not functioning on Chrome, but it is only a temporary issue that can be resolved with a few easy methods. So, if you want to know why YouTube video not playing in Chrome and what you can do about it, find the details in the sections below.

Why won't a YouTube video play in Chrome?

When a YouTube video fails to play in Chrome, this does not indicate that the problem is permanent, as the problem might arise for a variety of reasons. To solve the fundamental problem, you must first understand why YouTube Video not working in Chrome. The reasons for the problem with YouTube videos playing in Chrome are listed below.

  • Local data in your Chrome browser has been corrupted.
  • Extensions on Chrome might be conflicting to play a YouTube video.
  • Chrome may be preventing YouTube videos from playing because of its stored browsing history.
  • Internet connection is not stable, or it is very poor.

How To Fix if YouTube isn't Working in Chrome?

While you may be aware, the YouTube not functioning in Chrome problem is not permanent and can be caused by a variety of minor faults; nevertheless, it can be resolved in a number of ways. If you grasp the error causes, you'll be able to figure out what to do when YouTube is not working on Chrome. To fix the YouTube video not playing in Chrome issue, you'll need to use a few easy techniques, as detailed below.

Chrome should be restarted

  • First of all, close all Chrome browser windows if you have more than one open, then retry to play YouTube video on it.
  • If YouTube is still not working, force-quit your browser to ensure that it is shut off entirely, then again try to open YouTube video.

Remove incompatible extensions

  • To fix the YouTube not functioning on Chrome issue, the next thing you need do is remove the extensions from your browser.
  • This will assist in the removal of the incompatible extension and the successful playback of YouTube videos in Chrome.

Delete Chrome's browsing history

  • Another way to fix the YouTube not functioning error in Chrome is to erase all the browsing history that might be causing the problem.
  • After deleting your Chrome browsing history, try visiting YouTube again to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Troubleshoot internet issues

  • Another way to repair the YouTube video not working problem in Chrome is to make sure that your internet connection is stable, which is very important.
  • If your internet connection is inconsistent or poor, connect your device to another data network and try again to play a YouTube video in your Chrome browser.

You can receive detailed information on the reasons why YouTube videos won't play in Chrome, as well as the solutions you can attempt to fix the problem from above. If you are unable to resolve the YouTube issue in your Chrome browser on your own, you can contact a technical representative by reaching Google support and request assistance.

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