My iPhone Wont Connect to Wifi But Other Devices Will?

My IPhone Won't Connecting To WiFi But Working on Other Devices?Here's The Fix!

The American-based company apple introduces the iPhone handset, which provides quick performance, and the operating system is so quick that you can run your daily task without delay. Suppose you are searching for something and your internet gets shut. In that case, you turned your wifi on, still unable to connect to the internet as the My IPhone Won't Connecting To WiFi. In that case, you can follow this article which includes steps that are very basic to apply without any expert guidance. But before that, you need to know the possibility of wifi not working on your iPhone.

  • You need to ensure that the router is on and within the range; otherwise, it might be difficult to catch signals if it is too far away.
  • Make sure your setting is showing the wifi icon, and it is on. You can see your network because sometimes your wifi setting gets off automatically, so you have to check first.
  • Sometimes your entered password is correct; still, you cannot connect with the network, so that you can restart the device.
  • You can recheck your cable connections in your wifi device or make sure that the modem is connected to the router.

How to Fix Wifi Not Working on IPhone?

You can follow the below-written procedure, which is explained in layman's language, so you can apply it without expert guidance. 

 If you are using ios or iPad ios 15, then you can open your phone and go through the below-written instructions.

  • Tap on the settings section
  • Then click on the available option; after that, select the reset tab.
  • At last, tap on the reset network settings.

If you are using ios or iPad ios 14, you can open your phone and go through the below-written instructions.

  • Go to settings, then the general section.
  • After that, click on the reset tab, then reset network settings.

 The instruction will reset wifi networks and passwords as well as VPN and APN that you have used before.

 Why Is Wifi Not Working With Android?

Besides the iPhone, most of the world's population used android devices then. Also, they face disruption while connecting their smartphone to the wifi device, so in that scenario, you should be aware of the reasons so that you can proceed further and fix your problem. 

  • You can check the router's cable and whether it is plugged in or not. After fixing, you can wait for 30 seconds once it initializes and shows you the light.
  • Look whether any type of blockage is not come in between the router and your phone, something like any object or wall.
  • You can fix the position of the router slightly nearer to your system.
  • You can check whether any type of external device is not causing any disruption, so switch off that first and try to connect again.

 How to Fix WIFI Not Working With Android?

  • You need to open your android device and then move to the setting.
  • After that, click on the network and internet tab.
  • Turn off wifi first, and turn mobile data on; if you observe some differences, then turn on wifi and switch off the mobile data. 
  • At last, troubleshoot the process to get your wifi to work again. 


IPhone Having Trouble Connecting to Wifi 

Many users often face technical glitches in their iPhone and internet connection. Your iPhone is having trouble connecting to the wifi, and you need to fix this issue. You can perform some troubleshooting steps to connect to the wifi on your iPhone mentioned below:

Ensure that router must be on: 

Sometimes, you are far from your wifi connection, and due to this, you won't be able to connect. Therefore to get the wifi signal, you must be in the range of your router for better internet connection and speed. 

You must see your wifi:

 You need to check that your wifi must be on in your iPhone. For this, you need to open the iPhone settings and tap on the wifi option. At there, you need to tap on the name of your wifi network and see the blue checkmark beside the wifi name. If the auto connect is disabled on your wifi network, you need to turn on the same. 

Provide the wifi password:

 If you are asked to provide the wifi password, you need to enter the password on your network. If you see the "unable to join the network" option, you need to reset all the devices and try again. 

 Check the cables and connection: 

 If you have a wired router, you need to check the connection accordingly. You need to check that your router must be connected to the modem. Although, you need to plug off all the cables and plugged in again after a few minutes. 

 Try to wifi on other devices:

 If you find trouble connecting to the wifi, you need to connect the wifi to another mobile device. If you connect to other devices also, there will be a service outage issue. For this, you need to contact your wifi service provider and take their help. 

 Why is My Phone Suddenly Not Connecting to MY WiFi? 

If your phone suddenly stops to connect on the wifi, then the issue can be due to the latest operating system. Your phone must be running on the latest operating system. For this, you can follow the given steps:

  • Open the settings of your mobile.
  • Tap on the general and go to the software update. 
  • You need to check for the latest update and, if available, then update the software.

Restart the settings:

At last, if you want to fix the wifi-related issues on your phone, you need to restart the settings. On your device's settings, go to the general option and tap on the reset button. With this, click on the reset network settings, which will reset all the saved wifi networks and passwords. 

 My IPhone Won't Connect to Wifi, But Other Devices Will

 If wifi is not connecting on your iPhone but connecting to the other devices, you can reset the settings. To reset the network settings, you can see the below steps:

  • You need to tap on the iPhone settings.
  • Go to the general setting option and tap on the transfer or reset tab.
  • At there click on the reset option and reset the network settings.

 With this, you will successfully connect to the wifi on your iPhone using the above points

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