Why Is Siri Not Working iPhone 11

Things to Do When Siri Stops Working On iPhone 11

Check Network Connections - When Siri responds with a message that it faces the problem connecting to the network or says to connect again a little while. There might be some problems with the network connection, you need to connect it again with the internet and activate Siri again so that you can fix Siri not speaking on iPhone 11 issue.

Ensure Siri Is Turned on - It may be the case that you have to enable Siri manually to get the assistance. By going to settings, you can turn it off or on and use it without any hassle.

Check for Siri Restrictions - You need to make sure that you haven't set restrictions on the Siri app that blocks some features to access. Also, it may happen that the website has blocked Siri to access it.

Speak Clearly - It may be a big reason behind Siri not working on iPhone 11 that Siri is not able to understand your command. By trying to speak clearly and slowly, you can get rid of the issue. Try to ask some simple queries like "What's the weather?" or "Call Mom."

Restart Your iPhone 11 - By restarting your iPhone, you can resolve network connectivity issue that majorly helps you to fix the Siri problems. Also, by restarting iPhone, the device loads the files properly which helps in working Siri.

Check Siri Language Settings - You need to make sure that you're speaking to Siri in the language that you have set to function it. For example, if you choose English US, speak in that language only to get help.

Test the Microphone - The error you can ignore is a microphone. If there is an issue with your microphone, Siri can't acknowledge the command and you don't get a response from Siri. In case you use a cover on your iPhone, try to remove it and also, check the microphone settings.

Update iOS of your iPhone - Using an older version of iOS may cause some problems while using Siri; you should install the latest update of iOS so that you can use Siri without any hassle.

Turn Airplane Mode on and off - Try to turn Airplane Mode for at least 20 seconds and toggle it off. Sometimes, it helps to fix issues that encounter related to internet connectivity.

With this, you will no longer worry about how to fix it when Siri Not Working. On the off chance, the problem still exists; you should connect with the technical support team on a phone call to get help. The technical experts are available on a single call that too around the clock. So, when things go south, dial the number, and get immediate assistance from the experts.

Siri Not Talking iPhone 11?

If you are among others, who are having complications and issues with Siri on your iPhone 11, then the inclusion of this paper is something that is going to help you with this. It is highly advisable to follow the inclusions of this paper until the end and without much further ado, let us get straight into this.

Why is Siri not talking on my iPhone? 

If you are someone who is facing issues with Siri on their iPhone 11, then the reasons mentioned down under are highly responsible for the same.

  • First and foremost, iPhone users are advised to run some checks on the settings of their device. There could be chances that ‘Hey Siri’ is disabled on your device.
  • You must also check whether you have turned on the ‘Hey Siri’ command on the locked screen or not.

These are some of the common issues that are faced by the individuals as far as ‘Siri’ the virtual assistant is concerned. 

How Do I Turn Siri's Voice Back on?

The first thing that you can do is change the settings on your iPhone 11 device. For performing the changes, you are required to follow the steps that are listed down under:

  • Open your device (iPhone 11).
  • Navigate to the ‘Setting’ option on your iPhone. 
  • Select the option ‘Siri and Search’. 
  • Now look for the settings and ensure that they are turned on: (i) listen for ‘Hey Siri’, (ii) allow Siri when locked. 

Performing these changes is surely going to work for you. Now, there are chances that Siri is not able to recognize your voice. This factor has a parallel effect on Siri’s functionality. So it is recommended that you set up ‘Hey Siri’ to help Siri recognize your voice.

For doing so, users are required to follow the step that are listed down under:

  • Start by opening your device (iPhone 11).
  • Next you are required to navigate to the settings option. 
  • Click on the ‘Siri and Search’ option. 
  • Toggle off-on the following option: ‘Hey Siri’.
  • You are required to click on the ‘Continue’ option once the ‘Set up Hey Siri’ screen appears. 
  • Repeat and say each command that you find on the screen and then finally hit the ‘Done’ option. 

I hope this helps with Siri not talking iPhone 11. You could connect with the Apple live chat support team to get insight into what you need to do if the problem remains persistent.

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