Why Is My Starry Internet Not Working

Wondering: Why is my Starry Internet not working? Get a guide below

Due to various reasons like Gaming, working for the office, streaming videos and movies at the same time, It happens that the internet Connection starts giving errors. When you perform various things at the same time, your internet run slow or at times does not work at all. 

So, if you are wondering why my Starry Internet is not working, this is because of the reasons mentioned above. If more than one activity keeps performed by the Internet, it runs slow. Also, if there is a lack of internet connection or a poor network connection, these might be the reasons for your starry Internet connection to give errors. You do not have to be worry, having such problems now become a common thing to have.

How To Fix Starry Internet Not Working?

There are various ways to fix the Starry internet issues. All you need to do is follow the steps to fix such issues so that you will be able to work properly on your Internet. 

Check Network Connection

A proper network connection gives you better speed if your Starry internet is so slow. You can check if the devices which you are using are properly connected to the network connection. A bad network connection occurs with an error problem with the Internet. 

Check Your Router

If you have a connection connected with a router, you can try using a new router. Like You can detach your router and try connecting it again to one of your devices that are being used. Restart your computer and your router to get back to the access. 

Try Using Another Website

There are times when the website that you are working on has down servers which result in errors. In such cases, we mostly get a perception that it is because of the Slow internet speed, But it does not happen always. You can try using another website for your work.

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

If your Internet is giving a slow speed or some kind of error for a long time, In such a case, you can check your Wi-Fi connection. If you are wondering how do I fix starry WiFi, you can reset your Wi-Fi settings and use the default settings to get back to the internet access in a fresh way. All the customized settings of your Wi-Fi will be wiped off and come to the default ones.

So, the above are some of the major fixes you can use so that you will be able to work properly without any interference.  If you are thinking about how do I connect to starry internet, the above ways may help you with the same. If the problem still exists, you can contact the nearest technical stores to fix your issues with the Internet and can get quick assistance for the same.

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