Why is my Computer Screen Black and the Caps Lock Blinking

Why is my Dell Computer Screen Black and the laptop Caps Lock Blinking? 

When using the computer and having issues like the screen is getting blank or the caps lock button blinking continuously, do not worry; read this article, and you might get the solution. 

  • One of the reasons for this can be related to your hardware. The RAM is one of the components because you might have installed the defective RAM or the unsupported RAM. These two can be reasons. So when you are going to start your computer again, then try checking the RAM before that, and if it has been clear that the RAM causes it, then fix it; they turn on your system. 
  • Another reason for the blinking caps lock and the screen black in the computer is when your computer display is not correctly attached to the motherboard. Moreover, if RAM is not the issue, this might be an issue for that, so when you are trying to on your computer, check the connectivity of these two things and then try to on your system. When the above-stated solution is not helpful to you, try reaching out to the parent company of your computer, and they will detect the issue and solve it.

What to do if Dell Laptop is on, but Screen is Black?

However, when you face the issue as the screen is going black on your dell laptop, then, before applying the solution, detect the issue and then get on the solution accordingly. Here are a few lists of issues with the solution which might be the reason for your black screen.

Graphic Drivers

The graphic driver is also one of the reasons that the operating system and the graphic card are not connected properly, or the graphic driver you are using has been outdated, then you also have the issue. To fix the issue, maintain the connection between the graphic driver and the operating system or install the update of the graphic driver. 

Malware Detected

Sometimes, you also have the blank screen issue when the malware has been detected. So when this happens due to the malware, then after some time, you might get the screen back online, and as soon as you get back your screen, try deleting it. 


When you are using the laptop, but the laptop fan is not working, then due to overheating, you might get this type of issue. So check the fan of your laptop fan is working correctly and has been synced with the operating system.

Windows not installed properly

When the windows you have been using have expired or get corrupted, the screen of dell's laptop might start to blink. If this is the issue, install the genuine windows on your laptop and get rid of this issue.

How do you fix the caps lock on a Dell Laptop?

When your caps lock is not working for any of the reasons such as your caps, lock key getting on and not getting off, your caps button stuck, or caps lock key not behaving normally. Further, you have to identify the issue and apply the solution accordingly. And when the issue is not fixed with this, get to the dell customer service and get your issue fixed.

Why is the cap lock button blinking on my Dell Laptop?

The blinking caps lock on the Dell laptop can be the power supply, or when your laptop is not Colling, you might also get this issue, When this is the cause of the blinking, you can fix it on your own, or you can choose to get the customer support team Dell.

So, by going through the article, you have the answer to the question of the blinking issue in caps lock or blank screen on the computer.

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