Why is My Brother Printer not Connecting to Wifi

Wireless Printers are very convenient and easy to operate. Brother provides good quality printers, and Brother has a wide range of wireless printers, but it also becomes a nuisance when it fails to connect to the Wi-Fi router. It could be a firmware issue or a router issue.  Because sometimes the drivers of the printer do not support the Wi-fi router and the GHz of the network so you can try updating the drivers and firmware by connecting the printer to pc and downloading the latest firmware and drivers for your particular model to make it work from the official website of Brother and It becomes a hindrance in your work. You can try some troubleshooting and get back on track with your Brother Printer.

How Do I Reset my Brother Printer to Wireless?

If you want to reset the printer’s wireless and network settings to default, you can follow these steps - 

  • Click the settings menu in the printer.
  • Click on all settings.
  • Click on network settings.
  • Click on reset the settings.
  • Confirm and press the ok button to reset all your wireless and network connections to default. 

How do I pair my Brother printer to Wi-Fi?

You can connect your printer to your Wi-Fi Router and work seamlessly without any hassle of wires or connecting your printer to your PC. If your Wi-Fi has WPS enabled, you just need to keep your printer in range of your wifi; the range may differ depending on your environment.  Find the instructions provided with your Wi-Fi access point/router. Press the WPS button on both the router and your printer, and the printer will have a blue wifi light; it will establish your connection, and every device connected to the same network will have access to the Printer. 

How do I reconnect my Brother printer to Wi-Fi?

You can reconnect the brother printer if it does not recognize the existing or saved networks. You can also reset its settings before trying to reconnect, and you should also make sure that your printer is in the range of the router and that its software and firmware are up to date. After checking all these, you can follow these steps to make sure your printer connects to your Wi-Fi.

  •  Click the WPS button on the router and Printer to ensure they are in range.
  • Long press the WPS button on the Printer and enter SSID (if required)
  • The printer will look for a network for five minutes and blink the blue light to indicate the new search. 
  • The light will stop blinking once it is connected, and you are good to go.

How do I reconnect my Brother wireless printer after changing my router?

If you have changed your Wi-Fi router and want to connect to the printer, you can sync all your devices again and make the Printing easy, and you can also print remotely because of the wireless connection, Power on the Wi-Fi router, your laptop, and your printer.

Go to your Brother's printer Wi-Fi setup, click on connect to a new network, plug your printer into your pc and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Select the SSID of your Wi-Fi network provided by the Wi-Fi company, enter it on your printer connection page, and enter the password of your wifi to configure it. After authentication, it will connect the printer to your Wi-Fi router.

The printer will save this network in the printer, and you can print and use your printer from all the devices on the same network and sync with the printer.

This should solve all of your connectivity issues. You can use your printer seamlessly without any connectivity issues, but if you still are facing some issues, whether connectivity or hardware issues, you can contact the customer support of Brothers. They provide good after-sales service and customer support and solve your query for free if your printer is under warranty.

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