Why is my Alexa DOT not Connecting

Alexa is indeed a beneficial device that saves your productive time. You only need to give a voice command to it, and after that, it'll act for you. There are some straightforward and straightforward steps that you need to follow for troubleshooting. Once you have observed it, then within a few minutes, you'll be able to get your query sorted.

Troubleshooting Alexa Dot Not Working:

  • You would need to restart your device. After that, disconnect and reconnect your Alexa DOT. 
  • You would need to bring the Echo device within the range of 30feet of the router you're using. 
  • It is essential to keep your Echo device at a distance from any electronic appliances like Microwave, baby monitor, or any other kind of electronic device. 
  • Now unplug the power adaptor and then plug it back, then restart. 
  • There might be a situation where your Wifi connection has recently changed. In that case, you would need to tap on the button to update Wifi settings. In that manner, you'll be able to make the relevant changes without any issue.

PariAfter going through the steps mentioned above, you'll be easily able to get your Alexa working without any issue. 

Why is my Alexa not Pairing?

To use Alexa, you need to pair the device with the Echo. After that, you will be able to get it all sorted. However, there can be a situation when Alexa might not enter the pairing mode. If that situation arises, then you would need to follow the easy steps which are given below:

  • Echo device should be updated

The main reason why Alexa is not entering the pairing mode is that you've not updated your Echo device. If you run the older version of the Alexa, you would not be able to pair the Alexa device. The simple resolution is to update your Echo device. 

For that, you only need to tap on the option of "Chat for software updates." It'll start looking for the updates by itself and download them. After updating the device, you would need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Unpair and then Repair

First, to unpair your device, you would need to open the application of Alexa. Once you have done that, then click on the option of settings. Now you would need to clear the paired devices. That is it. Once you're done with the unsparing of the devices, then repair it. And they'll start working.

How do I fix Alexa Echo DOT not Responding? 

In case your Alexa Echo is not responding, then you would need to follow the easy steps which are mentioned below:

  • In case your router has separate network names for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Then you would need to shift your device from one network to the other after that, Alexa will start responding. 
  • If you're still facing issues related to the connection, you would need to restart your device.

Why has my Echo Dot stopped working?

At times, due to some straightforward reasons, the device might not work. You would need to follow the solutions given below for it. After that, your query will be resolved.

  • Make sure that you have used the power adapter, which you received with the device. 
  • If your internet connection is not active, then you would need to have an active internet connection for your device. 
  • At your end, make sure that your device is not muted. 

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