Why Google Play Services is Not Working

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

The Google Playstore is one of those apps we all use on a day-to-day basis. It does provide the end number of services you need. Google Play services bridge the gap between customers and their users. They do provide you with the information you need. There are a few possible solutions through which you can easily play along with Google play services.

If Your Google play services are not working, there are ways through which you can quickly fix them up.

1.) Turn On Airplane Mode

At times Google play services are not working. You can easily switch on the airplane mode and do it off for a few seconds, and you can easily get connected through it again. There are times when google play services get hung up, and you can quickly turn it off and get the benefits back on track quickly, By simply switching it off and on. 

2.) Restart Your Phone

At times Google play services are not working, and you need to put everything back on track. At times your phones do hang up, and you can easily restart your phone and fix up an issue by simply continuing your phone.

3.) Uninstall It

You can recover the Google play store, and there is only one trick by simply uninstalling it. You can uninstall the updates, and that sets the whole application to a significantly older version. By merely visiting the settings > app and notifications, click on see all apps and scroll down to find the google play store. It provides you the help you need, selects the Uninstall updates, and provides the service you require.

How Do I Fix Google Play Services Which are not Supported?

You can quickly fix the Google play services which have failed to provide the support you need by simply following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1 - Do make sure your Google services are up to date. They need to be updated well.

Step 2 -   Do clear the cache and data from Google play services.

Step 3 - Clear the Cache and Data of the Play Store.

Thus by simply following the Google play services, you can easily access its services which somehow failed to support it. 

What actions do you need to take when Google Play Services is not Supported?

If Google Play Services is not supported, firstly, you need to visit the settings - security - device - administrators - then call the Disable android device manager. Now go to apps, disable Google play store, reboot its services, and enable the google play services. If Google play services are still not working, click on the storage or storage and cache and clear the cache.

How Do I Force Uninstall Google Play Services?

First Method - Firstly do go on settings >Applications >All >Google play services >Tap Disable > Tap Ok to confirm. 

Second Method - If you find the disabled checked, go on settings >security >Device Administrators >Disable Android Device Manager.

By following the above-written method, you can do or uninstall Google play services and get its services by simply forcing or uninstalling the Google play services.

Google Play Services Keep Stopping on MI

Google Play is a fantastic service that many users employ while using their MI device and use it without any problem. This service sometimes does not work adequately, and a user encounters various issues while using them properly. Those who are unable to fix the problem of Google Play services keeps stopping mi should adopt the official method to fix this issue. Google Play services keep on stopping while using the MI device due to several technical issues. It is the primary API package used in all Android devices and stops when the settings of the devices are not properly set up.

How To Resolve Google Play Services That Keep Stopping on MI?

  • Start your MI device again to refresh and resolve the current working of its software and its working. Achieve the method of restarting using the power buttons or the OS of the MI device.
  • Please uninstall the Google Play services from your mobile if the option is not available, disable the app. Now, reinstall or re-enable the Google Play application for using it properly.
  • Check whether you have any network malfunction or not for your MI device, and you spot anything, resolve that error and use it without any problem you are willing to receive.
  • Check the date and time settings of your MI device and fix any issue if there is any discrepancy in the time settings of the Google Play on your MI android device.

Fixing the issue of the Google Play service constantly stopping on the MI device can be completed simply through the services given here. If you are still baffled and want to know about How to Fix Google Play services keeps stopping MI, contact its official customer support team and resolve any problem you encounter. Get in touch with its official support through the services provided to the user.

Google Play Services Keep Stopping on Motorola

Google Play services work without any flaw on the Motorola device, which millions use daily to augment their technical experience. This service is available online so that many can use it without any problem you encounter. The issue in which Google Play services keeps stopping Motorola is very annoying and happens often. At this time, the Motorola devices often encounter an issue of no available storage of the cache memory, which causes the Google Play services to keep stopping on Motorola.

How To Resolve Google Play Services That Keep Stopping on Motorola?

  • A user needs to clean the cache memory of the Google Play services on your Motorola Android phone from its settings to refresh this service.
  • A user is required to fix the date and time of the device to use its service without the Motorola device and use it properly.
  • Please update the version of the Google Play application on your Motorola to use it without any problem you have.
  • Update the version of the Motorola device to keep it the latest and use the most authentic information provided to its users.
  • Do check the internet connection and use it properly for using it without any problem you are facing.

Those who want to resolve the technical problem in which Google Play continuously stops on their platform should use the above methods to accomplish it. For more information about How to Fix Google Play services keeps stopping Motorola, don’t miss the opportunity for How do I contact Google Play chat of this technical giant and use its services without any problem.

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