What To Do When The App Store Is Not Working

App Store Not Working

You just heard about an ultra uber-cool new app and you are literally dying to try it out, but when you open the App Store to download it, the screen is either blank or not loading. You are pretty much sure that it is not a hardware issue because all the other apps are working slick and smooth, so it has to be something else. In this write-up, you come to know why the iPhone App Store is not working or is showing blank and how to fix the problem, so the App Store starts loading again on your iPhone.

Things you can do when the App Store on your iPhone is not responding-

Close and restart the App Store Application

Sometimes what happens is that your phone may face lagging issues due to which the device’s net gets jammed.

It would help if you double-clicked on the start button, and then the app switcher opens. If your iPhone is devoid of a home button, all you need to do is swipe up from the bottom of your screen.

Press your finger in the middle of the screen so that the app switcher opens. You now have to swipe up all the apps which are/were running in the background, including the App Store.

Now you can restart it by tapping on the App Store icon if the App Store not working.

Free the App Store Cache

Not many people are aware of it, but clearing the App Store cache can amend all sorts of problems with the App Store on your iPhone. To clear the App Store cache, tap five times on any tab icon on the bottom of the App Store screen. 

Check For the Latest Version of the Operating System on your iPhone

This is by far the most important point you have to follow. Always make it a point to update your iPhone’s software with the latest Operating System, for example, Apple is currently offering iOS fourteen point seven point one. This disengages any hanging issues with your App Store.

Examine Your Internet Connection 

Check for the internet when App Store not working on iPhone. Look out for the following procedure-

  • If your iPhone is connected to a Wi-fi, you need to turn the Wi-fi button off. And then again, turn it on to green.
  • For more precise working of the internet, you can retype the Wi-fi password in your iPhone. 
  • If you are running your device on mobile data, you need to tap the button off and make sure the network signals go blank.
  • After a pause of a few seconds, turn it on, you see the network signals back, so does the mobile data. Now your App Store should open.

Signing out of iPhone and then signing again

If you are wondering What To Do When The App Store Is Not Working, then here you can try another method. This method involves complete sign-out from all of your Apple devices from the App Store, that is. 

  • Go to the Settings icon.
  • Tap on your name on the top of the screen 
  • Scroll down and sign out
  • Do make it a point to remember your Apple ID and password. Then you enter these two details in the required fields and you are done. 

Why Is My iPhone Not Connecting To The App Store?

The iPhone is one of the best online devices many people use globally to finish their flight booking tasks. Due to its high usage, it can sometimes not execute every command given by its user. I am pretty sure that as an iPhone user, you must have come across the issue in which your device is unable to connect to the App Store. It is a frustrating situation, especially when you want to update any app or install it on your device. You need to fix it, but first, you should know about the reasons causing this issue.

Why Can't Connect My iPhone To The App Store?

Various reasons that cause this technical error in which you are not able to access your iPhone, Following are the main reasons causing an iPhone not to connect to the App store. 

  • No Internet Connection. Lack of the internet is one of the most common things that cause an iPhone not to get connected to the internet. If you do not have the internet, your iPhone may not work properly and connect to iPhone.
  • The App is Constantly Crashing. Sometimes, the app store does not work properly and continuously crashes on the iPhone. This creates technical trouble for users as they wonder why can't I access the apple app store and use that application correctly. These crashes may be minor or major, and it depends on the usage of your iPhone device.
  • App Store Cache Data. When a huge amount of data has been accumulated in the App Store, then it ceases to function smoothly. This creates an issue of your iPhone not connecting with the app store to use this application hassle-free.
  • Faulty Data & Time Settings. It is critical to check the date & time settings as it allows your device to sync with the correct time. If it is incorrect, you are most likely to receive various troubles while using the App store on iPhone.
  • iPhone OS Is Not Updated. Updating an iPhone is the best way to ensure that you can access all its apps without any issues. However, it sometimes presents several problems, especially accessing the app store when using an outdated version of the iPhone OS.

How Do I Fix Can't I Connect to The App Store on iPhone?

Getting rid of the not connecting issue is vital to use your iPhone without getting any obstacles. You can get information about How To Fix Can't I Connect To App Store On iPhone by using the method to fix this issue. Easily perform this through the use of the following measures. 

  • Update the OS of your iPhone to use its process without any issue.
  • Go to settings and rectify any error in the Date & Time settings of the device.
  • Remove the cache data gathered in the App Store application on iPhone.
  • Please ensure that the iPhone you use has complete access to a strong data connection.
  • Turn off your Apple device and start it again to keep the app crashing at bay.

With the helpful information given above, you can efficiently fix the issue of the iPhone not connecting to the App store. If you still want to learn about Why Can't I Connect To App Store On iPhone, connect to its official and valid customer service to gain professional advice from the Apple Live Chat Support Team. Use this process around the clock to learn further official information about the app store not connecting by iPhone.

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