Safari Not Responding On Mac Big Sur

Why is Safari not responding on mac big sur? Let’s know;

Safari is the tool that is used in Apple iPhone, Mac, iPad for a graphical web browser that is based on the WebKit engine. Safari is the default web browser on Apple devices. So if you want to know why Safari not responding on mac big sur, & not responding well.

Then you should go through these points that are listed below;

  • The problem could be MacOS Big Sur is like it is not compatible
  • This MacOS Big Sur drains the battery fast & sometimes displays battery issues on the screen
  • If a bug enters then sometimes users unable to sign in after installing macOS Big Sur
  • The problem could arise due to Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi that may stop the working in Big Sur
  • Issue could be because of the apps that aren’t working properly under the MacOS Big Sur
  • Or sometimes the sig in with the Touch ID may stop you from sig in Big Sur
  • Or could be the reason because Mac may be stuck on the Activation lock.

So these might be the few issues that are stopping your Safari from not responding on Mac Big Sur. So, if you are looking to find out what to do if Safari is crashing on Big Sur, and want to know the problem in depth.

Then you should know these ways or points that will help you out;

How to fix it if Safari is crashing in macOS Big Sur

Firstly make sure that you are using or running the latest version because with the old version Safari will crash on a regular basis. Safari is updated as part of the macOS, so for that, you need to check the software update from going into settings;

  • First of all in the Mac, click on the Apple menu
  • Then choose your Mac
  • After that select the software update
  • And if there is any update available, then kindly follow the instructions to install it & after installing run the update

So through these ways, you can resolve your problem of Safari that is crashing on the Big Sur. And now if you are looking for how to fix it if Safari is crashing in macOS Big Sur so that your safari could work properly.

If you look on Safari it is not like the binary app file that is in your Application folder, it stores lots of other files, many of them in the library folder. For further knowledge go through these points that are mentioned below;

  • First of all click on the Safari menu & choose the preferences option
  • Then select the extensions
  • Then go through the list of extensions, that is on the left-hand panel & then uncheck the box that is next to each one
  • Then at last close Safari and quit Safari
  • Now, you can re-launch the Safari & can check on its functioning.

If that does not work properly then start emptying your Safari’s caches, for that follow these steps to go through it;

  • Open the preferences again and choose the advanced option
  • Check option that is at the bottom called show develop menu in the menu bar
  • Then close the preferences
  • After that click on the develop menu & choose empty caches 
  • Now close the Safari & then once again re-launch it 

So for further information related to this, you are free to contact the customer care support team that is available 24*7 & guide you with the best solutions & assist you at any point in time if you get stuck.

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