How To Reset Apple Watch Series 3

Having issues with Apple Watch Series 3? Here is your Alternative

The Watch OS 7 has caused many users complaining about similar problems with the Apple Watch Series 3. This update of OS 7 cannot be rolled back into OS 6. So if you are one of those who are facing these issues such as battery drain, unable to lock Macbooks, reduced functionality and freezing, then you have come to the right place. Here, in this post, we are going to tell you about what are the alternatives that you have regarding the Watch and its proper functionality.  

How do I factory reset my Apple Watch 3?

We Suggest Resetting your Watch to Factory Settings and Try the New OS7.

If you have no idea how to reset apple watch then please don’t worry. We, in this post, will help you discover the correct way to do so. We will explain step by step on how to reset Apple Watch Series 3.

As you may already be aware resetting will erase data stored in the Watch and you wouldn’t be able to restore it. If you are not interested in this process of resetting your Watch then it is perfectly alright. That is so, because Apple is trying to fix the bugs that the OS7 has brought about, but it will take some time to completely remove all bugs and make the phone back to perfect. So if you can afford to wait then it is fine. However, if it doesn’t matter what data the Watch has collected for you to be gone then you can try resetting the phone and see if the persisting problems are gone.

There is an option to protect your data and we will explain you on how to Protect Data on Apple Watch Series 3 too in this article. You can simply do it by soft resetting it.

How To Reset Apple Watch Series 3?

We reiterate the data in the Watch will be gone if you reset it. Do it if you only wish to at your own discretion.


1. Restart you Watch

  • You need to long press the side button until the sliders come up
  • Then you need to slide the power off to the right
  • Then you can put it back to power on
  • Next, hold the side button till the logo of Apple comes about 

2. You can then restart the paired iPhone. To do so, you need to

  • Hold the lock/unlock button until the slider for shutting the phone comes up
  • Slide it right
  • Restart by long pressing lock/unlock button

3. Forced restart Watch

If you are unable to restart your Watch and if the problem persists then  you can force restart the Watch. However, forced restart is recommended only if you are not able to restart your Watch.

4. Soft reset your Watch

  • You need press the crown and the side button together for around 10 seconds till the logo comes up.
  • This doesn’t delete the data on your Watch such as apps, ringtones etc.

5. Master Reset your Watch

This will erase all settings of your watch. It however, will delete all your data.

  • Open settings app (you can find it on the home screen)
  • Select Erase all Content and settings from General> Reset (i.e., Restore Factory settings)
  • You can use a back up from your phone to start using your watch again.

Note: once you reset Watch you need to pair your iPhone back to your Watch again.

Hope this resolves your problem with your Apple Watch Series 3. 

How to Reset Your Apple Watch Without Apple ID?

Apple Watch is the device through which you can perform many simple activities that too without opening your mobile phone. This device connects with your iPhone device with the help of the internet enables you to perform activities like calling, messaging, Instagram, calendaring, contacts & task activities. This is the most convenient way of getting you connected with the Apple Watch smoothly.

Now it has seen that many times that the Apple watch gets issues while connecting with the devices they are connected too. Now if you want to know about How to Reset Your Apple Watch Without Apple ID, so that you can resolve your issue with the Apple watch.

Then for that use iPhone to reset the Apple watch without apple ID, because resetting will delete all the data & setting stored on your watch, for that you will have to reconfigure everything from scratch on your watch. For that following are the steps to go through;

  • Firstly make sure that your watch & iPhone must be closer to each other
  • Then launch the apple watch app on your iPhone, then tap my watch, & select the general option
  • Then there tap on the Reset option & select the first option that says erase apple watch content & settings
  • Then just wait for the apple watch to be reset, once the process is done then you can start to set up your apple watch from scratch.

How To Reset Apple Watch without Password?

Now if you have forgotten the apple watch password, then you have another option to reset your watch & that way is to use the passcode so to reset your device. Now if you want to know about How to Reset Apple watch without password, so that with an easy & simple process you can reset your apple watch.

So, then follow the steps that are mentioned here to guide you;

  • First of all launch the setting app on your apple watch & tap on the general option
  • There select the reset option & click on erase all content & settings, this process will reset apple watch
  • Then apple watch will ask for the passcode input get it & enter the passcode & it will continue automatically
  • Then just tap erase all options & apple watch will begin to reset & after that you can perform the after reset activities.

How to Reset Apple Watch Without iCloud Password?

Now sometimes people wonder that How to Reset Apple Watch Without iCloud Password, so that they can perform resetting options on their devices without any issue. It has seen that there is an app that is developed so to make this thing go smoother. The app that is developed is known as Any-Unlock iPhone password un-locker & it is built to help the user to un-lock nearly locks on your devices. So through this app, you can easily & smoothly reset your iPhone device without even entering your apple password.

However, if you need more information about it & informative too, then feel free to contact the Apple online chat support team executives for your help & guidance.

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