How To Fix Mozilla Firefox Not Working in Ubuntu

How to fix the issue of Mozilla Firefox not working in Ubuntu?

Mozilla Firefox is the default internet browser on Ubuntu and its features make it different from other browsers. From the Easy customization to the infinite browsing experience, this customized browser support extensions, Plug-in, and themes. 

Despite being an excellent tool, many of the users have reported serious instances of  Mozilla Firefox not working in Ubuntu. In such a case you can follow the below-mentioned approach to fix this issue.

Know the basic requirements to fix “Mozilla Firefox not working in Ubuntu”.

Operating system: - you must use the Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux.

Requirements: - user can enjoy privileged access in their Ubuntu system with the Audo command.

Best possible source to install Firefox

Standard Ubuntu repository: - this is the default and already configured in your system. Standard Ubuntu repository gives you the most stable Firefox version which may not be aligned with the latest Firefox version available.

Mozilla PPA repository:- if you are adding Mozilla developer PPA repository that allows user to install the latest Firefox version comparatively to the default Ubuntu repository at the cost of the lower one.

Direct download – you should download from

Learn the quick way to update Firefox from the Ubuntu repository

Install Firefox in your system:-

Usually, you see that the web browser is already installed on your Ubuntu system. But if you found suspicious activity, you can install it with the following Linux command.

$ sudo apt install Firefox

Update your Firefox:-

User can make use of the following Linux command that will update already installed Firefox by using the default Ubuntu repository.

$ sudo apt install Firefox

Update your Firefox from the Mozilla PPA repository

Learn to Install Firefox

  • If you are looking to install the latest version of the firefox from Mozilla developer PPA repository first you are required to add Mozilla signing key as mentioned below

$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys A6DCF7707EBC211F

  • Following above, now click on “Add repository”

$ sudo apt-add-repository "deb bionic main"

$ sudo apt update

  • If all the steps have been performed successfully, now you are all set to install the latest verison of firefox.

$ sudo apt install firefox

Learn to update Firefox

The given below Linux command may help you in update the Firefox to the latest version of it.

$ sudo apt install firefox

Install and update your Firefox with the Direct Download

You have an option to download it directly from the official website of Let’s move down the street further and see the complete process to download the firefox installation package for Mozilla Firefox not working in Ubuntu.

$ wget -O ~/FirefoxSetup.tar.bz2

Further, on now extract the Firefox package to /opt/ directory

Now make a back up the Original firefox binary if want to switch back to the default version.

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