How To Fix Firefox not Working in Kali Linux

Mozilla Firefox is known for being a web browser that a lot of internet users prefer to use for its easy-access platform. And to make sure your Firewall works fine without any technical barrier, you should keep updating the application. And to update the Firewall, you can use Kali Linux by default to update and install Firefox. It’s quite an effective solid browser that you can use for testing and updating applications.

Firefox not working in the Kali Linux

If you are using Kali Linux to update Firefox then it might happen that you would come across any technical issues. And in the scenario of Firefox not working in Kali Linux, you can take the help of the following troubleshooting steps.

Linux website usually keeps itself updated all by itself but there are a lot of times when it might stop working. You can use Kali’s package manager to resolve the issue and you can simply follow the troubleshooting steps to update the Firewall browser.

Steps to update the Firewall on the Kali Linux

1.To start with, open the command line terminal.

2.Now follow the mentioned commands on the screen and then update your system settings and then install the latest version of the Mozilla Firewall.

3.In case the version you are using the outdated version of Mozilla then you will get a pop up for the installation and then just confirm the installation of the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

4.And with the help of the following basic troubleshooting, you can easily update the not working Firewall on Linux.

Alternative ways of fixing Mozilla Firefox

1.If Mozilla stops working then maybe you need to clear all the cache files or cookies in the search history of the browser.

2.Scan your device if there is any virus attack in the computer which is hampering the operations. And to fix the issue, you can easily get antivirus and then scan your device and restart using Mozilla.

3.For smooth use, you can remove the application and then re-install it. Once done, your all the passwords, bookmarks and last visited webpage will be restored automatically.

4.Also for checking the Mozilla Firefox not working, update your internet settings. In case the network is connected then fix your net again so that you can use the online applications.

5.If you are using any website and it crashes back then you might need to revisit the page because of the privacy settings.

Contacting the customer care team

In case you are still not able to find How to update Firefox on Kali Linuxyou can also contact the customer care team of the Firewall. Sometimes people are unable to fix the issue of Mozilla and for that, they need the technical team’s support. And hence you can call on the helpline number of Mozilla or simply drop an email on the support id to get your doubts fixed. The team works 24x7 for the assistance of the users.

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