How do you Get Street View on Google Maps iPhone

What is the process of using the Street view in the iPhone?

Talking about the iPhones and Google Maps, many users will be aware of the features the Google maps provides. Now, we want to introduce you to the new feature that is Google street view that can be easily used in the iPhone. Haven’t you seen that before? If not, don’t worry. There are many who still are not aware of this feature, and this is the reason we are providing the information to you.

Now coming on the users of iPhones or iPad, using this web-based version of google maps is very easy. The users can choose the icon-shaped hotlink directly to the home screen. Do you know about its function? As the name suggests, these features open the panoramic view of the street of the city with little navigation button to move around.

Apple Maps add this feature in IOS 13 that is called look around. This is the same as the street view from Google Maps, but this is less featured. The benefit of this feature is sitting at a place where you can have a look at the location without actually going there. The limitation those Apple users’ faces is that the data is not vast in this as compared to Google. The information is still handy if you want to learn about the locations and then figure out where we actually need to go. Let us see what the meaning of street view is.

What actually is Street View, and how it helps?

Google street view is the feature that provides its users with panoramic photos of the street all over the world. The users can navigate to a new destination where they can actually see the landmarks that will be near to your targets and will help you to avoid getting lost. For their clear understanding, they can go through the city streets in other countries, and then they can explore the new neighbourhood before they move on.

Now, the question that arises is, “How do I Use Street View on an iPhone?”. As you have got the understanding of street view, let us have a look at the process of using it on your iPhone. You can go through the below pointers to get a proper understanding of this.

Using Street View on iPhone:

  • The first step is to enter your location and tap on the Search option. You will see several different buttons.
  • Then, you have to hit on the “Drop pin” button to set the starting point. This option will mark the specific location on your map.
  • To adjust this, you have to touch the pin and drag it to a new location. You will see the orange person icon. Just tap on it on the “Drag to move pin” box once the pin is placed.
  • This will launch the street view. Next, you have to tap on the arrows on the street view screen.
  • If you feel lost, you can zoom out to get a clear display of your current location.

This is the process of using the street view on the iPhone. You can call on the customer support to get a proper understanding of this and if you face the issue of Google maps street view not working on iPhone. They will provide you with aid for this and will provide you with free guidance so that you can avoid further issues.

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