How Do I Upgrade To The Latest Version Of Google Play

How Can You Upgrade Google Play To The Latest Version?

Do you require assistance with upgrading Google Play to the most recent version? It's a good idea to upgrade your play store from time to time because Google improves it often to repair issues and provide new features. You may wish to upgrade the Play Store to the most recent version for a variety of reasons, such as if your current version is unstable or if you like the new user interface. Whatever the case may be, you may always manually update the Play Store app on your phone. More details on how to update Google Play Store to the latest version can be found in the sections below.

Learn The Ways To Upgrade the Google Play Store to the Latest Version?

Google Play Store, like all other apps, has to be updated periodically for enjoying the latest added features. If you're wondering that how do I upgrade to the latest version of Google Play, there are many options. The most convenient methods for upgrading Google Play Store to the latest version in your Android phone are detailed below.

Steps to upgrade play store from settings

  • First and foremost, you must open Google Play Store on your Android device
  • After that, head to the Play Store menu and select the Settings tab
  • Then touch on the About option from the list given under the Settings tab
  • After which you can choose the Play Store version option from the list and tap on it
  • And finally, the Play Store will start upgrading to the most recent version automatically on your device

Steps to upgrade by clearing storage

  • To begin, you have to go to the Settings section of your Android phone
  • After that, from the Settings menu, you need to select the All Apps option
  • Then locate Google Play Store from the list under All Apps section and open by tapping on it
  • After that, go to the Play Store and click on Storage to clear all of your data and storage
  • Then you have to press the OK button to ensure that the storage from Play Store is removed
  • Finally, restart your device, and the Play Store will immediately begin upgrading to its latest version

Steps to upgrade by manual download

  • Begin by opening your Android phone's browser
  • Then navigate to the APK Mirror site from your mobile browser
  • Next scroll down to list of Play Store update and choose the most recent version from there
  • Then press the download button to install the upgraded version manually on your phone
  • Make sure you download the version of the play store that is compatible with your android device

As mentioned above, there are several methods to get the Google Play Store app to update on Android. You may use any of these methods to update the Play Store on your Android device to the newest version and gain access to all of Google's new features and benefits. If you are having trouble upgrading the Play Store on your Android device, you may contact the Google Play Live Chat customer care team for assistance from a technical person.

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