How Do I Get the Avast Activation Code

You will need to activate your subscription by entering a valid activation code, also known as a subscription code or license key, into the application after installing or upgrading to a paid Avast product.

 You can find your activation code by following the below-mentioned methods-

  • Through an order confirmation email-  the purchases made online from the official Avast website will receive an order confirmation email containing your activation code.
  • Activation card: if you have bought the product from a retail shop or third-party seller such as amazon, your products will come in an Avast box or plastic case with a printed card with your activation code.
  • Avast Account: Buys that are made online from the official Avast website will appear on your avast account, which is linked to your email, which you had given during the purchase, and will have the activation code.
  • An already-activated Avast product: when your avast product is already activated, the activation code is usually visible. This is important and useful if your subscription is used on multiple devices and you want to enter the activation code on the new device.

How Do I Activate Avast Premium Free? 

The Avast free antivirus will be automatically activated after the installation. However, after 12 months, you will be instructed to install the product again to continue taking the free services, so for activation, you can follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • You have to Right-click the Avast icon, which is present in the notification area of your windows taskbar, and now you have to select the Registration information tab.
  • You have to click the Upgrade Now button, which is next to Avast Free Antivirus, on the My Subscriptions menu.
  • You have to select the Avast Free Antivirus column.
  • Press the cross icon on the new screen to return to the My Subscriptions page.
  • Your subscription has been renewed for another year, and after 12 months, you can follow the same steps to renew your free subscription.

Is Avast Only Free for 30 Days? 

No, the Avast antivirus is free forever, and you have to reactivate the subscription after one year every time. If you are using the free antivirus, then you will get benefited from the following things-

  • It can block viruses and malware- ransomware, and detect viruses and other threats.
  • It can scan for Wi-Fi security weaknesses- Locate intruders and security weaknesses in your network.
  • You can get an extra layer of ransomware security- Protect personal photos and files from hackers.

How Do I Know if Avast is Activated?

In case your Avast subscription is showing the below notification, then your product activation may be facing certain issues-

  • If your main application screen shows a red status stating that the Firewall is turned off.
  • If your Avast Antivirus icon in the taskbar shows the message, “You are unprotected.”
  • If you cannot open Avast Antivirus or see the Avast desktop icon for your application.

To Check the Installation, You Can Follow the Below-Mentioned Steps-

  • You have to click the Windows Start tab and choose Apps and Features from the menu bar on your screen.
  • Now you have to confirm that your version of Avast Antivirus is seeable in Apps & Features.
  • If your avast antivirus version does not show on the list of features and programs, then the application is not installed on your device.

To check your subscription status, you can follow the below-mentioned steps- 

  • You have to click the Avast icon on the window bar and choose the subscription information from the menu displayed on the screen.
  • You must ensure that the Active text appears next to your Avast Antivirus version listed under Subscriptions on this PC. You can also check the activation days and the remaining number of days till the subscription ends.

To check your protection status, you can follow the below-mentioned steps- 

  • You have to select the Avast icon and open the Avast user interface.
  • Make sure that the Status tab is selected.
  • If there is a green status with text that shows “This computer is protected,” it indicates the protection components are enabled.
  • A Red Status screen shows some core issues with the protection status, and it will need immediate attention. The yellow screen depicts urgent issues as well.

Is it worth paying for Avast Premium? 

Suppose you want basic protection for your technical gadgets, including your smartphone, PC, tablets, etc. In that case, Avast Free subscription is the best option as it provides real-time protection and a firewall. And if you need more protection from malicious websites, ransomware, or webcam intruders, then you can buy the Avast premium.

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