How Do I Get A Refund From Google Play On Android

A Comprehensive Guide On How One Can Claim A Refund From Google Play

Just like iPhone users have App Store, Android users have Google Play, a platform where one can shop apps for their device. Apart from that, the users can even buy movies, books, music, and TV programs that one access on their smart device that is operated by a Google-certified operating system. 

Well, there are various digital content that is available for download for free, but many of the apps offer paid premium services, in-app purchases and might even cost from the beginning. But, what happens when the paid services are not worth the cost? Well, in such situations, most of the users will look for refund options.

So, for the users who are looking for the details on How do I get a refund from Google Play on Android, they can check out the details mentioned in this article to process a quick refund accordingly. 

Key Guidelines Of The Refund Policy Of Google Play 

Indeed, the apps offered by Google Play are original but most of the apps are offered by third-party developers that make the refund procedure a bit complicated. So, for the users who wish to claim a refund, they need to abide by these two general rules of the Google Play Refund Policy that include:

  • It is less than 48 hours that the user has bought an app or in-app purchase, they can request a refund via Google Play. 
  • And for the users who have bought music, movies, books, or any other digital content and it is more than 48 hours, they may still qualify for the refund.

Besides, to help one get a clear idea, here are the details regarding the refund policies as per the different Google Play services: 

1) Refund for in-app purchases, apps, or games

  • As per the refund policies, the users are not offered a refund if they fail to meet up the 48 hours requirement. 
  • Still, one can attempt to claim a refund by reaching out to the developer directly. 
  • Besides, if the user uninstalls apps within 2 hours of purchase, they will be offered an automatic refund.

2) Google Play Books refund 

  • Audiobooks: The purchase is final, however, a refund is offered in case of a corrupted audiobook.
  • E-books: The refund is available within one week of purchase, In case, if the e-book is faulty, then one can request within 65 days. 
  • Bundles: Full refund is available within one week of purchase, only if the user has not exported other books to the bundle. And if the bundle is not working, then one can claim a refund within 180 days. 

3) Google Play Music 

Well, the user can easily cancel the subscription for the Google Play Music, but once charged for the subscription, the user won't be able to claim a refund for the same.

4) Google Play Movies 

  • For the users who have not started to watch the movie, they can request a refund within one week of the purchase. 
  • But, if the video content is faulty, the user can request a refund within 65 days of purchase.

Thus, these are the few pointers of Google Play Refund Policy that one needs to keep in mind. Besides, for the users who are looking for the details on how they can request a refund from Google Play, they can check out the details below. 

How can one request a refund for Google Play services? 

For the users who are looking for info on How do I get a refund from Google Play on Android, they can follow the instructions mentioned below: 

  • Open the Google Play account page and open the order history page.
  • Then, pick an item to return and pick a reason to request a refund.
  • Further, the user can fill out the form and submit the same.
  • After that, the user will be offered information regarding their refund on the linked email.

Besides, for the travelers who have queries on How do I contact Google Play for a refundthey can send out an email to Google Play within 48 hours of purchase or by visiting the official website. So, for all those who wish to claim a refund, they can make use of the provided information.

How to get a refund on Google Play after 15 minutes? 

The easiest process of getting a refund on Google play on the currently purchased apps is to requesting directly on the play store. The process is easy and smooth but you have to act faster. Submission of the refund request should be within two hours of purchasing the app or game. For some people, it can be fast but 2 hours is enough for judging the app. The process is given below:

  1. Firstly, open the Google play store app.
  2. Navigate to the app or Game page.
  3. Tap on the refund button.
  4. In case the Button is missing it means that you have crossed the time period of 2 hours.

How Many Times can you refund on Google Play?

Keep in mind that you can only return an app or game for the refund process at only once. If you buy the app or game you will not be able to get a refund. If the refund is issued then you will lose access to the item. If you buy various items in one purchase you can get a refund of the entire purchase. 

How to get a refund for Google play movies, TV shows & Books?

For the purchases made on Google play movies & TV, Google Play Books you can get a refund if you don't start watching the video or reading the book. The process is as follows:

  1. In Most countries the refund process is of seven days.
  2. If the video is defective and if the book is not working. You can apply for a refund.
  3. With the help of the browser go to your" order history ". Then on the right side there will be three vertical dots click on the dots and select "Report a Problem".

Wrapping UP:

Refunding process of Google play is easy and less time-consuming. The matter is to use the refunding process effectively for smoother resolving of problems.

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