How Do I Fix My HP Caps Lock Blinking

HP Caps Lock blinking, Reason and Solution

As you all know, the concept of portable computers, or laptops, was brought into reality in 1981. Since then, the device has kept evolving and has reached a new potential in today's time. HP laptops, trusted and admired by all, are old players in the technology field. HP often releases new features and models, and each is a better version of its predecessor.

Although vastly used and praised, many people ask the burning question, "How do I fix my HP Caps Lock blinking?" Before you ask how, know that you can't fix technology if you don't know it.

HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking 

If you use an HP laptop, it is hard to ignore that the caps lock blinks a specific number of times when you turn on your device. This blinking shows the BIOS chip activation. The BIOS chip is responsible for your basic input and output functions. So initially, it blinks to activate your system, and then your laptop does the normal processing.

Why is the Caps Lock Button Blinking on my HP laptop?

Sometimes, this indication does not stop and keeps on blinking; why is the Caps Lock button blinking on my HP laptop? If the power-on is done, then what's the reason? 

Since the BIOS working is associated with hardware connection and application, this can indicate several problems with your system. Read his list to see if you can identify these issues. You need to pay attention to the blinking sequence by monitoring the time difference between blinking combinations.

  • Blinking two times indicates a BIOS-related problem.
  • Three blinks indicate a RAM issue. Reset RAM sticks.
  • Four consecutive blinks show overheating of the CPU or GPU. You need to cool the hardware.
  • Five blinks are not good. This shows system failure. You need to take your laptop to a technician to resolve this. 

But, if "How do I fix my HP Caps Lock blinking?" trouble persists, and the caps lock is not blinking in any specified sequence, you can try a few things on your own.

  • Reset the BIOS settings: First, you need to remove the AC power plug. Now press the power button for 12 seconds. Afterward, leave the button. The laptop should power on itself and work normally.
  • System Reset: Before you do this, save all your files to a backup device, as this can erase all data. Open settings, find the system reset option, and run it.
  • Cool and Clean the hardware: You need to shut down your system first. Then let the system cool and clean the plus and accessible parts. You can place your laptop in a cooler room to speed up the process, but don't try to put it in a refrigerator.
  • Troubleshoot: If you still don't find a solution to "How do I fix my Caps Lock light?", go to the settings, locate the keyboard troubleshooter and run it. This should bring up the issue and provide a list of solutions. You can try the options one by one.
  • Stop the caps lock function: If you know the issue will take some time but need the blinking to stop, for the time being, you can stop the blinking. Press control+shift+caps lock. 


If the issue is not resolved, you need to connect with HP tech support. You can easily find the contact details through the official website. You can also take your laptop to a nearby laptop repair shop, but make sure their services have high ratings.

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