How Do I Fix HP ENVY 4500 Error Code oxc4eb827f

What is the HP 4500 Printer Error Code oxc4eb827f?

Willing to know about the error code oxc4eb827f of HP 4500 printer? Well, then here you will receive the best and useful information on the same. HP has a wide range of Printers, and among these Envy Printer 4500 is one of the excellent and most popular models produced by them. But some of the users of HP Envy Printer frequently described the problem of HP Printer error code. This problem can be caused due to several reasons such as displaced encoder strips, outdated printer drivers, dirty hardware or faulty registry entries in your system.

How Do I Fix The HP ENVY 4500 Error Code oxc4eb827f?

If you want to fix the HP Envy 4500 Error Code oxo2b7c2ed, you are required to go through the below instructions. 

  • First of all, you need to turn on your printer and unplug the ink cartridge from it.
  • On the next move, you need to unplug all the cables from the HP Printer. If there is a power module on the power cord, remove it too.
  • After that, you have to shut down your computer and Wi-Fi that is connected to your printer and hold for at least 30 seconds. Now, attach the cords back to their respective place and turn on the system.
  • Now, you have to install the ink cartridges back to the printer.
  • Take a copy of the backup and turn on the printer as well as the wireless router too.
  • Now, you must check the Printer and see if the issue gets resolved or not. You can also do so by printing and photocopy a document and insert the other cables too.

How Do I Reset my HP Envy 4500 Printer?

If you want to reset your HP Envy 4500 printer, you have to follow the below forthcoming steps. 

  • Tap on the Start button on your computer and search for Programs and Features. Choose the printer name. Click on the Uninstall button.
  • Open the Devices and Printers section and see if the name of your printer is present or not.
  • Do the right click on the name. Click on the Delete button if you get it in the Devices and Printers window and restart the HP Envy 4500 printer.
  • Go through the instructions below to reset the printer. Disable the HP Envy 4500 printer by Clicking on the ON / OFF button on the front panel.
  • Detach the power cord that is plugged into the back of the printer and power supply. Hold for a few minutes and reconnect the cable.
  • Attach the appropriate end of the cable to the appropriate power supply of the printer and the other end to the power outlet.
  • You can also use a surge protector to connect the power cord. Disconnect the printer and hold down the 9 + # key. Leave the buttons when a dialog box disappears. After that, the printer is reset to its factory settings.
  • In order to configure the factory default settings using the printer control panel, go through the steps below.
  • From the main menu of the printer control panel, click on the Settings icon. Choose Tools and press Factory Defaults to reset the printer.
  • You must see the instructions in the manual to reset the printer. If it doesn't work, go through the below steps.
  • Tap the Menu or Set button on the HP Envy 4500 printer control panel. Now, use the up or down navigation key to choose Printer and press Menu.
  • Repeat, use the navigation key to choose Reset Printer. Tap “1” and press the HP Envy 4500 printer.

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