How Do I Contact Norton To Cancel My Subscription

Norton provides the best services to their customer but in some scenarios, a person wants to end the subscription or cancel them. Though it is using the get the subscription, and you can do these various ways but when it comes to canceling it, most of the people get confused or hard to comprehend the process. 

However, Norton always provides an easy way to both adding and cancel the subscription. But, if you are searching for how to cancel my Norton subscription then you can follow the below-mentioned two ways.

Ways to cancel the Norton Subscription

You have two ways to cancel it, we have covered both of them below. But, make sure you direct each and every steps to cancel it. 

Cancel Norton subscription with subscriptions tab 

You can use the online method anywhere and at any moment. You can use the mobile application or you can opt for the browser. 

  • Foremost, you have to open the Norton and then click on the More option 
  • Here you can see the different options and you have to select the subscription tab 
  • On this tab, you can know about the subscription details like when you have purchased and when you made the last payment and all 
  • Now, click on the one that is activated and then you can see the different options and click on the cancel option 
  • You have to provide the details for the login, or it could be anything that you can see on the screen. Without this, you cannot cancel the subscription so make sure you are ready with the details 
  • Now, click on the cancel and end the subscription with the Norton

So you can see how easy it is to cancel the subscription with Norton, and you can do this with the support person too. Now, you must be wondering that How to contact Norton to cancel my subscription. There are certain methods through which you can connect with them. 

Ways to contact Norton Person

  • Norton live person phone number

You can go with the phone number and let them know about the cancellation of the Norton. Though, for this, you might have to share the details of the account. You can get the phone number from the official website and then you can get the instruction that you need to direct. 

With the live chat option, you can interact with the person with messages. Now, it may take a little bit of time as you are going to message them. But, the response rate or time is good so you can cancel the subscription.

These are the two popular ways to contact them and cancel the subscription. You can choose whatever method is suitable for you. Even with this, you can cancel Norton subscription refund apply. You can get a quick refund too but there will be some time period and that relies on the type of the query and when you apply for the cancellation. They provide the services throughout the day, so you are free to contact them at any moment. 


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