How do I chat on Google Meet PC

Nowadays, the trend to organize meetings online is increasing day by day due to the changing scenario. But it isn't straightforward, and the organizers should be well-versed with the specific steps. We all have heard about the Google meeting, which facilitates organizing meetings, events, and other things. Google meet chat helps in smooth chat conversation. In this article, we get to consider the things associated with Google meet.

Take a look at how to chat with Google meet PC:

If you are looking for "How do I chat on Google meet PC", then you should go through the below-mentioned pointers? Go through these carefully;

  1. Firstly You are required to Join the google meet.
  2. Now you must locate the small speech bubble icon, which is generally found on the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. After completing the second step, the Chat window gets opened. Now you can type the messages to the other members of the meeting in their respective field boxes.
  4. Now, if you have completed the tying of the message, you can click the arrow on the right side of the screen.
  5. After completing the fourth step, your message gets visible to all the members of the meeting, and they can also reply to your message.

Can You Individual Chat in Google Meet

No, individual chatting is not possible in Google meet. The messages get visible to all the members present in the meeting. Generally, the meet is for video conferencing, not chatting, so personal chatting is not available. After reading this answer your doubt of “Can you individual chat in Google meet” gets cleared.

How To Locate The Chat Box at Google Meet:

In if you are dealing with this question, "Where is the chat box on Google Meet" then you have to open the Google meet app and organize the meeting. Then it would be best if you went through the below-mentioned pointers:

  1. Firstly you are required to organize the meeting when it gets started.
  2. Move to the three dots, which is at the bottom side.
  3.  Click them, and you get to see various options.
  4. One of them is "Chat Box". One thing that is important to consider is that the messages you send through the chat box are visible to all the persons present in the meeting.

How Do I Get a Google Meet Code?

We all know that username and meeting code are essential to get into the meeting organized on Google meeting but "How do I get a Google Meet code". It is the common question that comes to the mind of every individual. Let us see the detailed procedure of generating the Google meet code in the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Firstly you are required to search "Google Meet" from any browser.
  2. As you get to the page, click the "New Meeting".
  3. Now you get to see various options; click on "Get meeting link to share".
  4. After completing the third step, take a note that you get to see the code of the video conference at the end of the meeting link.
  5. This code can be sent to others to enter the meeting.


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