Google Voice Assistant Not Working

Check out the ultimate solutions to fix Google voice assistant failing to work

Are you failing to access Google voice assistant services on your device? Then, there are higher chances that your might be facing some issues while accessing the voice assistant services. So, if you are one of those users who are looking for solutions to fix this error in time, then you can check out the solutions discussed in this article. 

Solutions to resolve Google voice assistant failing to work

Indeed, the services offered by Google voice assistant are incredible, but some users have reported Google voice assistant error. So, for the users who are failing to fix this problem in time, one can check out the solutions discussed below and access voice assistance services without any interruption.

1) Check compatibility 

To access Google voice assistant services on their Android device, it is required that they check the compatibility of the device with the service. As per the basic requirements, the user needs to have: 

  • Android 5.0 or Android 6.0 with 1 GB and 1.5 GB memory space.
  • Google app version 
  • Google Play services
  • And a screen resolution of 720p or higher

2) Check internet connectivity 

Another reason behind Google voice assistant not working is because of the poor internet connection. So, the users who wish to access the voice assistant services can try restarting their device and follow the steps mentioned: 

  • Open the Settings section and tap on Network and connection option. 
  • Further, verify the network connections and manage the services.

3) Ensure the Microphone is Working

Also, there are chances that the user might be facing an error with the voice assistant because of issues with the microphone. So, in such situations, the user needs to ensure that their device microphone is in a proper working state or get it fixed. 

4) Enable the Hey Google Option

Another reason for the Google voice assistant error is that the user has not enabled the Hey Google service. So, to enable the same, the user can follow the steps below:

  • Open the Google app on the device and click on the More section.
  • Further, tap on the Settings and opt for the Voice option. 
  • And then, the user can enable the Hey Google option and verify the voice assistance. 

5) Retrain the voice assistant model

Besides, for the users who are looking for the details on How to Fix Google Voice Assistant not working, they can retrain their assistant by using the instructions mentioned below: 

  • Open the Settings section in the Google app and pick the voice option. 
  • Opt for the voice match service and tap on the voice model option. 
  • After that, select retrain voice model option and follow the instructions mentioned on the screen.

6) Uninstall other voice assistants 

Moreover, the user can try to remove other voice assistants installed on the device to access Google voice assistant services without any interruption. 

7) Grant permissions

Lastly, the user can resolve this issue by granting permission to the Google voice assistant services by using the steps mentioned below: 

  • Open the Apps and notification page in the Settings app. 
  • Further, tap on the Google app and grant the permissions to fix this problem. 

How do I fix Google assistant not working in iPhone?

Google, a vast platform that provides a lot of exciting and worthy services to a million of active users, has always been inclined towards the needs and requirements of its users and fortunately it has achieved this great milestone to be a vital part of everyone out there. One such result of its exemplary services is Google assistant. By this, it enables all the people with the inability to type and surf the information on Google to just speak up the query and let the Google show its magic. Now, the facility can be accessed on every android or iOS or even the personal computers or mac systems. This article is majorly concerned with all the problems that a user might face at the time of using this prevailing facility of Google assistant and the solutions that he might look forward to in the events of Google Assistant not working on iOS devices. Stay tuned to know about the best and effective solutions that might relate to your problem to some extent.

Who knew that just saying OK Google as the hotword, we can avail access to all the information available on the web? Now, when we can have that with us, it experiences certain issues at times. Here is how to resolve the problem of Google assistant not working on iphone.

Best and effective solutions that you can use in the events of Google assistant not working

Here is a list of all the possible solutions that might suit and fit the best to solve your problems in just a few clicks, keep reading:

Stay updated:

Always keep yourself notified about the updates. For the same, visit the App store in your iOS operated device, and check if there is any update available for Google assistant or Google allo. If yes, then update with the latest version of Google assistant.

Microphone should be enabled:

If you want your Google assistant to respond to what you say, your microphone should always be enabled. There are instances where people are found to ignore the notification or you can say the popup that appears to notify the users to enable their microphone. This might be the cause of people facing problems with Google assistant. To enable your microphone on iPhone, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to settings and choose to click on Privacy.
  2. Locate the microphone and enable it.
  3. Find the applications in which you will require the microphone and at the end, enable the toggle for them.

Crashed or Unresponsive Applications:

iPhone or iOS operated devices may detect a crashed or an unresponsive due to which the inconvenience is caused in the functioning of Google assistant. If you want to check the status of any crashed or unresponsive application, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First open the GA app and hit the blue icon.
  2. Then click on the three dots and locate the option to send the feedback option.
  3. Now you can leave a message or text with a screenshot to get the issue resolved.

Type instead of asking:

If nothing out of the above methods help you solve your problem, then you can simply opt for typing the query instead of speaking it to Google.

These are all the possible solutions that can help you to Fix Google assistant not working on iphone. If the problem still persists, you can simply get in touch with the support team at Google via phone call or email support facility.

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